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4 Basic Skills For Beginner Cyclists

– If you’re wanting to get going on your bike, and there’s a few really basic skills that you’re going to want to cover. – Today we’re going to stick to just the basics, so if you are starting out in cycling for the first time, then this is the video for you. (upbeat music) […]

5 Essential Skills Every Cyclist Should Learn

– In this video, we are gonna show you five essential skills that will help make you more confident on the bike. These skills do take practice, but they will make you become a more well-rounded rider. – The good news is that they are not too difficult to master but it is really important […]

Cyclocross Race Skills | Emma Does Cyclo-Cross Episode 4

(intense booming sound effect) – I have absolutely loved getting stuck into cyclocross sometimes actually quite literally, but there are still a few essential skills that I need to master before I toe the start line of a race. So this video is hopefully gonna bride the gap between riding a cross bike, which is […]

Should You Buy An E-Bike? Ask EMBN Anything About E-Biking

– Questions, questions, questions. It can only mean one thing, ask EMBN. (techno sounds) – Okay, so let’s kick things off. We’ve got a really good question here from Joseph Rennick. And he’s got, hi guys, there’s been no convincing me that e-bikes are the future of mountain biking. I understand every aspect of them […]

How To Corner | MTB Skills Coaching With Bike Build Winner Ivo!

(rustling) – So, this is Ivo, he won the Santa Cruz Bike Build bike over on GMBN Tech. Got himself on a bike yesterday, got the SAG set up roughly, so we’re going to go for a couple of laps now just get him set up on the bike. – Yeah, and I’ve joined the […]

How To Ride Loose Corners On A Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

– Loose corners can be slow, frustrating, painful, and really hard to master. So let’s look at a few things. ‘Cause hopefully you can help us do it. (electronic dubstep music) But what do I mean by loose corners, first? Well, we’re here in lovely, sunny Scotland. Just outside Fort William. And we’re on the […]

Fixie Vs Geared: Which Bike Is Fastest For City Riding?

(whooshing) – Today we are in Bristol to do some city riding. – Oh, hello! – Chris, what are you riding? – This is my new present from Jon Cannings and the tech drawer, Hank. It’s my new fixie. You like those, don’t you? – [James] Yeah but why are you riding it? They’re normally […]

Top 10 Tips For Riding Singletrack – How To Ride Singletrack Faster

♪ [music] ♪ – [Host] You could look at a technical line as a series of obstacles to be avoided. Or equally, you could look at the same section as a series of opportunities. It’s all in your mental approach. A route needn’t just be a route. It could be a launchpad to kick you […]