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MY-2014 | Prueba | KTM Freeride 250R & 350 Testride | English & Español

Hello and welcome to 1000PS-TV. We are here in the offroad paradise of Il Ciocco (Tuscany) and today we had the opportunity to ride the new KTM Freeride. Iím standing here with KTM offroad department chief Bernhard Plazotta. Bernie, the Freeride 350ccm was released one year ago, tell me more about the updates for the […]

2020 Pro Cycling Kits – Hot Or Not? | The GCN Show Ep.365

– [Club Members] Welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – Coming up, hot or not, we rate the 2020 pro team kits using our high level fashion expertise. – Alberto Contador’s launched his own bike brand and we’ve got a new presenter. – Yeah, another one! Find out who very […]

Are E-Bikes For Cool Kids? | EMBN Show Ep. 47

– Chris, did you know that electric bikes have been around way before mountain bikes have? – No, no idea. – Yeah, it goes back to 1881. A Frenchman called Gustave Trouvé. – He’s the guy that invented the electric tricycle, right? – Yeah, guess it was a tricycle. I guess tricycles are for kids, […]


car noise hub motor whines up camera man clears throat bike moving quickly noise wwwoooosshhhh hub motor whine scooter noise camera man: Oh no WWWWOOOOOSSSSHHHHH camera man: giggles distant engine at idol hub motor whine distant engine at idol wwwwoooosshhhh hub motor whine tire slipping wind strong wind brake screetch tires sliding on gravel tire […]

DIY Rear Fender for Your Bike Tutorial

Hi I’m Take a Bike, and today I’ll show you how to make a rear fender for your bike This design is based off one used in the professional peloton. It will hang off the back of your seat and keep your bum dry I call it a butt fender You will need the following […]

Electric Bike vs. Segway, The Prague Showdown!

I love electric vehicles, so when I stumbled upon this one of a kind electric bikes in Prague, I got excited. So did you build this bike? Yes. We built it, me and my friend. We have got a small company, and we are making custom bicycles. This is an– I don’t know, fifth or […]

How To Ride Natural Trail Gaps | MTB Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, and today is a pretty cool day. It’s all about natural hits out on the trail, spicing up that trail. Have you ever noticed a random kicker in the middle of the trail? You don’t know where it goes. Have you seen a little kicker in the side of […]