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Cleaning your bike – getting down and dirty with a sponge

Hey Folks, thanks for joining me. Today I want to talk about cleaning your bike or as I like to call it help save yourself a couple hundred pounds. Long story short I’ve been cycling for *mumbles* 30 plus years and in all that time have had all sorts of different bikes and I thought […]

Is Going Vegan A Game Changer For Cycling? | GCN Show Ep. 367

– From the scorched earth in Woodside, South Australia, welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – Coming up this week, can going vegan actually make you a better cyclist? – We also have news from the Tour Down Under, proof that people like cycling more than driving. – And what […]

Cycling Nutrition Myths Busted | Bad Sport Dieting Advice To Avoid

– Nutritional advice can be a minefield. We’re going to help steer you carefully through some of the most popular and some of the worst advice that we’ve heard over the years. (upbeat music) Fasted is faster. There is a lot of hot debate out there on the internet about training in a faster state […]

How To Fuel Your Cycling Recovery | Emma’s Spinach Protein Pancakes

(soft jazz music) – Welcome to Oat Cuisine with GCN. This is a recipe for savory spinach pancakes made of surprise, surprise, oats. Let’s get crackin’. So savory spinach pancakes. What do we need? We need some oats, two eggs, 50 grams of spinach, baking powder, some lowfat milk, squeeze of lemon juice. And then […]

Lightweight Wild Camping Gear Waterfly 40L Rucksack Foldable

after them gates hey I want to say thanks to water flight for the 40 litre Rock suck I got governed their Rock suck so I’ll give you a look this is going to be my cat or we’ll camp in spring summer the cat is six a kilograms so lightweight I don’t know if […]