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How To Be Smooth & Fast On Your Mountain Bike | Essential MTB Skills

– Being able to ride fast is great, but being able to ride smooth and fast feels amazing, so this is how to do it. (rock music) So there’s a few things to think about, especially in this section, when it comes to being smooth and fast. The trail here, it’s downhill, it’s quite fast, […]

How To Not Maintain Your Bike – Road Bike Maintenance

– We spend a lot of time here on GCN advising you about what you should do to maintain your bike. But very rarely do we say what you shouldn’t do. We’ve probably all been there, applying more and more pressure to a fragile, yet seemingly immovable bolt, only to find that instead of loosening […]

Continental GP5000 Tubeless Tyres // Long Term Review

Okay back here in the garage this afternoon doing some bike maintenance it’s been a while since we’ve been out here So I thought I’d give you my take today on the lifespan and my experience of my GP5000 tubeless tyres Now there’s a lot of reviews out there on the GP5000’s because when the […]

How To Train For Ultra Endurance Cycling

– One of our GCN new years resolution suggestions for 2017 was the prospect of riding a double century. So, 200 miles. So, if riding centuries are your thing, this could be right up your street. – It definitely could but, at the same time you’re saying that Matt, we did have to actually admit […]

Is Steel Real? | 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Steel

– Steel is the most traditional of bike materials, it’s got a long and distinguished career in cycling. And while new wonder materials have stolen it’s limelight there are many people for whom a steel bike is the dream bike but how does it really compare? Well yeah steel is steel yes but there are […]

NEW Continental GP 5000 Tyres | GCN Tech’s First Ride

(electronic swoosh) – Continental made its first tire in 1871, it’s fair to say the German brand knows a thing or two when it comes to making tires. And it’s no coincidence that they are the most popular brand in the pro peloton. Now the GP 4000 was first introduced 14 years ago and it’s […]

Top Mountain Bike Newbie Mistakes

– At one stage we’re all beginners and there’s a lot of common mistakes. – Yeah, so I think these are the top beginner mistakes and how to avoid doing them. (light music) – Hoho! Oh my gosh! It’s so steep. (laughing) – Yeah, don’t forget to lower your saddle when riding down steep sections. […]

How To Fit Tubeless Tyres To Your EMTB

– So tubeless, how does it work? Basically this tire’s full of liquid sealant, latex. Soon as a hole appears in that tire, or a tear, the sealant rushes, by rotational force, to that hole, plugs it. Much like when you cut your arm the blood flows, puts a big scab on, stops the blood […]