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Top 10 Most Common Cycling Injuries

Concussion Crashes are a part of cycling, and unfortunately so are head injuries.  Concussions are a form of brain injury resulting from a direct blow.  Wearing a helmet significantly reduces the chances of injury, but cannot completely prevent concussion. Achilles tendinitis If you’ve got pain in the Achilles through cycling the it’s likely to be […]

What Does MIPS Do? | Cycling Helmets, Concussion & Brain Injuries

(intense music) – A concussion are always a shaking of your brain tissue inside the skull bone. But it doesn’t say where you have hurt yourself in most of the cases. – If you’ve purchased or looked at buying a new helmet over recent years there’s a chance you would have seen something called MIPS. […]

The Next Step For Bike Helmet Safety?

(bang) – I’m glad that wasn’t my head. (intro sound) I’ve been lucky enough to be invited out here to the Volvo headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, to check out the collaboration between Volvo and POC. They will, for the first time ever, test exactly what happens in a collision, between a car and a bike. […]

Understanding Mountain Bike Concussion

– Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don’t switch over, you haven’t accidentally tuned into GCN. I know I spend most of my life poncing around in Lycra over there. But deep down, I’m a mountain biker as well. So today, I’ve got a guest pass to come onto GMBN and to talk concussion and mountain bikes. Concussion […]

New tests show some bike helmets protect heads better than others

David Zuby>>We collaborated with Virginia Tech researchers on a pilot program to look to see what was the range of impact protection offered by current designs of bicycle helmets. The pilot program found that while helmets were providing pretty good protection against severe-type injuries that might lead to skull fractures, not all were providing equally […]

Should You Really Always Wear A Bike Helmet? | The GCN Show Ep. 291

– From the Ride Across Indiana. – [All] Welcome to the GCN Show. – Hello and welcome to the GCN Show brought to you as ever by our friends over at Wiggle. – This week we’re asking if it’s always necessary to wear a bike helmet, ’cause there’s been some interesting research published recently which […]