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New Wilier Zero SLR | Lightweight Aero Bike First Look

– We have got a very exciting first look for you here today. This is the brand new Wilier Zero SLR. (upbeat electronic music) Now, Wilier is one of the most historic and recognizable bike brands in the world. This is its first super lightweight bike with disc brakes and fully concealed cables. In case […]

How Are Carbon Fibre Bikes Made? | LOOK Cycle Factory Tour

– Carbon fiber is a material that’s absolutely revolutionized bike frame design. It’s enabled engineers to build frames that are lighter, stronger, and in far more complex shapes than they could previously with materials like steel and aluminum. But how are carbon fiber bikes actually made? Well, to find out more about the manufacturing process […]

How To Adjust Air Volume Spacers In MTB Forks | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– Most suspension forks available today are for a range of adjustments to get enough feeling just the way you want and the most obvious options out there tend to be air sprung. As well as adjusting the air spring in the fork to suit your body weight, you can adjust compression rebound damping, but […]