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Competitive Cycling : Arrow Bars for Time Trial Bike Races

These are clip on or screw on arrow bars. You can buy some that actually clip on your bike. These are actually going to screw into the handle bars of your bike and they are going to sit at the top of your bike up here. Once you’ve had them properly put on, you are […]

Competitive Cycling : Bike Gears & Competitive Cycling

Now your bike gears are your best friend. It is really important to get to know the gears on your bike. Your bike has 2 rings; a big ring and a small ring. Now the small ring we use when we are pushing harder areas. So you are climbing a hill, something steep. You want […]

How To Get Into Bike Racing At Any Age

– So you’ve got a bike and you love going fast. Would you like to know how to get into racing? Perhaps you keep getting KOMs or QOMs when you go our riding or you just drop all your friends, and your beginning to think, maybe, you could be quite good at this. (electronic music) […]

How To Prepare For Your First Mountain Bike Race

(intense music) (bike tires riding on dirt) – I’ve probably done my fair share of mountain bike races in the last 20 years. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, that’s for sure but I’m gonna give you some tips on how to approach your first race. (upbeat jazzy music) So first thing to do really, […]