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Crazy Japanese Foldable Bicycle!

What’s up world?! Welcome back to the OPTIBOSS youtube channel! This is just a quick vid, I’m shooting it on my iPad. I just bought a bike here in Japan yesterday, and I have shown you a lot of different bikes on my youtube channel, my dirt bikes, atvs, all that type of stuff. I’m […]

XM700+: The Fastest Electric-Enhanced Bike Ever

Here at Trek, we’ve heard all the excuses for why you’re not riding your bike for transportation. Some say it takes too much time to get to work. Others don’t like to get sweaty on their way to work. Some people have things to haul, and they don’t like the unpredictable weather. For all these […]

Buyer’s Guide: Commuter Bikes | Halfords UK

Cycling to work isn’t just the greenest way to travel, but can also be the most cost-efficient. With many bikes in our range being eligible for the cycle to work scheme, and a variety of styles to pick from including the increasingly popular E-Bikes, I’m here to talk you through your options. Does part of […]

Verge S8i – Ultimate Commuter Tern Folding Bike

Hey folks!! This is peter from bikes and life. Now we’re here to review a beautiful Tern bike, this one is called the verge s8i. Now this is a 20-inch wheel folding bike that pulls in half for compact storage and travel but it boasts some incredible features, that is pretty hard to find on […]

Folding Bikes – GreenZone Folding Bikes

Are you looking for Folding Bikes? Look no further than GreenZone Bikes. Take it with you everywhere you go! Ride it Then Hide it. GreenZone folding bikes offer a smooth and fun ride just like a regular bicycle. The light weight and portability makes our bikes extremely practical for commuting or just riding for fun […]

This Electric Bike FOLDS in HALF?! Testing a new off road beast.

Electric bikes are some of the coolest tech that I’ve seen this year. They’re fast, they have a lot of range, and they keep on getting better and better. You might remember from the previous video where I reviewed the Rad Power Bikes and how awesome those were out in the snow. These bikes are […]

Epic E-Bike Unboxing & Test

Today I received the most ridiculous box I have ever seen in my life. It would have made a refrigerator delivery look like Amazon Prime. I’ve had bicycle deliveries before. I’ve shipped them, received them, and even unboxed fat tire bikes. They’re all shipped in similar sized boxes. If it wasn’t for this tear in […]

Roll Your Own: Designer Roll Series

ERIC JEPSON: Hi, I’m Eric Jepson. I’m the graphics manager here at Specialized for components. BRANDON BOSWELL: Brandon Boswell. I’m a designer. JOHN TAKAO: John Takao. I’m a footwear designer. DYLAN BUFFINGTON: Dylan Buffington. I’m an industrial designer. JIMMY BROWNING: Jimmy Browning. I am the lead graphic designer for fitness category. KAYLA CLAROT: Kayla Clarot. […]