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5 Common Roadside Triathlon Bike Mechanicals & How To Fix Them!

(logo whooshing) (logo bleeping) – If you are anything like me then you have ridden countless of miles out on the road with nothing other than a pump, spare tubes and a repair kit with you, and probably never had any mechanical issues of note. Does that sound familiar? Well perhaps not entirely, ’cause, again, […]

NEW Orbea Orca OMX | Orbea’s Latest Lightweight Disc Brake Aero Bike

– This is the beautiful new Orbea Orca OMX. It’s Orbea’s latest performance racing machine. And the OMX designation represents the pinnacle in Orbea’s carbon fiber technology and construction. I’m going to tell you all about it. I’m going to go through all the new features, and I’m going to weigh it. But before I […]

How To Make Your E-Bike Comfortable | EMTB Set Up Tips

– Your e-mountain bike can take you to some pretty amazing places. It can often mean spending a lot of time in the saddle, so it’s really important to make the whole bike feel as comfortable as possible. So today’s video, we’re taking a look at the ways you can make your e-bike feel more […]

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Mountain Bike Faster

– We all want to be faster, right? It’s one of those things about nearly everyone who slings a leg over a bike. But did you know there are some really simple things that we can all do today, that are going to make you faster on your next ride? So how can you eke […]

Blake’s Canyon Sender DH Bike Set Up For Whistler Bikepark

(upbeat electronic music) – Ha ha! Man, we are super high up here on the Whistler Mountain. We’re in the clouds and I’m gonna give a lowdown on how I set up my downhill bike, specifically for the bike park. So let’s head out of the clouds. For me, I’ve picked a downhill bike. It’s […]

Top 8 Mountain Bike Set Up Hacks

(techno music) – These are some small bike style tips that are going to make a big difference. – Yes, aesthetically pleasing looking ones, and help make life a little bit easier out on the trail. (techno music) – Number one is think about your shifter angle. So, mines attached to my brake lever so […]

Mountain Bike Set Up Explained: Handlebars, Stems And Seatposts

– Whilst there are many different types of mountain bikes designed for different types of riding, the components you choose to put on your bike actually make a big difference to how that bike rides. So, in this video we’ll take a look at tailoring your bike to you, the type of riding you do, […]