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How To Ride A Hilly Triathlon | Climbing Tips For Triathletes

– Riding hills in training is one thing. Riding hills in a race is whole different thing all together. After all, it is a race, you want to go fast this is your big dance. But trust me on this one, and this is coming from a man that’s known for some bad mistakes, there […]

5 Climbing Tips For Your Next Hilly Triathlon

– A challenging course profile can be a big talking point going into your next race. But if you train for it properly, a nice hilly course can be to your advantage. – Yeah, you’ll find most races will give you the course profile before, so you know how much climbing you’ve got and at […]

Climb Like A Pro In Your Next Triathlon | Become A Better Climber

– Who doesn’t want to become a better climber? I mean the quicker you go up a hill then the sooner you get to enjoy the fun part, going down. – Yeah, well, whatever your incentive you’ll pleased to hear that there are a number of areas that you can address that can all work […]

Can You Really Put Out More Power On Climbs?

– Why is it that it seems so much easier, both physically but also mentally, to hold high power on a climb than on a flat? – You what? – Well it’s something I noticed back in the day when I was racing, was that I could hold higher power for longer, uphill. – I’m […]

How To Climb Like Alberto Contador

Alberto – tell us how you climb. You climb in such an explosive way, you ride out of the saddle. Why do you use such a different style than may other riders, like Chris Froome for example? Definitely, always in my life when I started cycling I had the same style. Now, when you are […]

How To Climb On A Triathlon Bike Like A Pro

(computer noises`) This super aero triathlon bike is built for speed on the flat. But at some point, you will have to climb on it during a race. Now, the geometry is very different on a bike like this compared to a road bike, with position further forward with our weight over the front end. […]

Why Don’t All Riders Use Aero Bikes? | Ask GCN Anything Cycling

– Welcome to another Ask GCN Anything. Si and I are gonna turn things on their heads today by doing the Rapid Fire round first. – That’s right, we’re gonna have a much slower start to the video than normal. – Yeah, ease ourselves in gently. First up, Kyle Deans underneath last week’s Ask GCN […]

4 Best Ways To Train For Long Climbs

– [Voiceover] If you’re preparing for a big event in the mountains this year, as we’re doing for the Maratona dles Dolomites in July, then these sessions are for you. (electro music) – There’s nothing like the feeling of conquering and cresting a long climb, and here are four sessions to help you get to […]

How To Ride Technical Climbs On Your Mountain Bike

I absolutely love riding technical climbs. Getting up stuff without stopping to put a foot down or even walk is just ridiculously satisfying, in a slightly geeky way. Anyway, here are some tips that you can put into practice to help you get up that unrideable climb. Perhaps more important than any other point while […]