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How I Ride Up Stairs With This Hardtail | MTB Techniques

Speed and momentum Speed up at the beginning before stepping up and maintaining momentum, the key is to keep pedaling until you reach the top Pedal hard and do not stop otherwise you’ll lose your momentum Set to the right gear Using the middle chain ring on the front and the largest coq on the […]

How To Avoid Pedal Strikes On Your E Bike

– A pedal strike on your trail ride can mean tears and it can certainly stop you in your tracks. There’s a lot of talk about pedal strikes when it comes to e-mountain bikes. It’s all about technique rather than fitting shorter cranks to your bike. So, today we’re going to be taking a look […]

Climb Steeper Hills On Your E-Bike | EMTB Skills

– Okay guys, today I’m going to talk about getting you up some banks which you might not normally be getting up, which in turn will broaden the type of riding you’re doing on your e-mountain bike. It’ll also be more of a workout and, like I said, it’ll open up some new horizons to […]

How To Ride Up Steps On Your E-Bike | E-MTB Skills

(bike wheels whirring) – Steps can be some of the most fun things you can ever ride on your e-bike. Feeling that motor power you up there is like nothin’ else you can experience. It can also make your commute a hell of a lot easier if you learn the techniques. Here’s my top tips […]

How to Climb Better on a Mountain Bike in 90 Seconds

Hi Groover, the Chest and Nose Technique is the answer for those steep climbs where you don’t have the grip or momentum for an out-of-saddle burst or where you’re finding it very difficult to keep the front wheel planted on the ground and keep front wheel control. To perform the Chest and Nose Technique simply […]

Technical Mountain Bike Hill Climbing | Presenter Challenge

– [Neil] Blake, why are you riding a big travel Enduro bike? – ‘Cause I like big suspension but why are you on a cross country bike? – ‘Cause today is the climbing challenge – Aaahh ‘kay – Let’s see who can ride the steepest, hardest climbs. – I’ve got one in mind, have you? […]