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5 Climbing Tips For Your Next Hilly Triathlon

– A challenging course profile can be a big talking point going into your next race. But if you train for it properly, a nice hilly course can be to your advantage. – Yeah, you’ll find most races will give you the course profile before, so you know how much climbing you’ve got and at […]

How To Climb On Gravel | Tips To Nail Technical Off Road Climbs

– We’ve all done plenty of climbing on our road bikes, many of you have probably done quite a bit of climbing on your mountain bikes, but today, I’m going to be going through some tips and tricks to be able to ride uphill on gravel like a boss. (short intro SFX) Riding uphill on […]

History of Hill Climb | Harley-Davidson

Hill climb racing over the first few decades of the 20th century was a distinct motorcycle culture and a grassroots homegrown phenomenon that grew out of the passion of riders to their evolving sport. The camaraderie that developed around early motorcycling activities. Thrill seeking and the competitive spirit drove the creation of clubs and organized […]