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Why Tel Aviv’s Bike Paths Will Never Be As Good As Copenhagen’s

We’ve already shown you plenty of Tel Aviv’s terrible bike infrastructure in our previous video: “…pathetic excuse for a bike path…” “…worthless” “…still doesn’t save you from getting doored…” “…just a tiny bit of paint…” “…tendency to disappear…” “…energy-wasting hassle…” “…THE best bike path in Tel Aviv” But this disgraceful state of affairs is not […]

Bike And Bus with The Metro

Combining your bike ride with a bus ride is easy. All MAX and large Metro buses have a bike rack that fits two bikes. Whether you bike for exercise or just for fun, the Metro is happy to join you for part of your ride. Just tell the driver you’re loading a bike. Make sure […]

Improving Mobility in Dallas

Dallas is becoming a biking city, like, a cycling city. Who would have ever thought? So we’re gonna load these up into the van. With this job there’s literally something new every day and you meet so many different people. Basically these are all bikes that were either damaged in some way, that were fixed […]

Riding into the Aotearoa Bike Challenge

It takes me 15 minutes to get to work. If I was to drive in the morning and find a free car park I’d have to leave a lot earlier in the morning. It’s like a great way to kind of just prepare for the day and then to wind down at the end of […]