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BZEN e-bike, presenting the Amsterdam model

The Belgium startup BZEN we make smart and comfortable city e-bike for urban riders we are presenting the Amsterdam model rejuvenating one of the oldest and most popular city bike. The BZEN logo on the front tube. The bike is designed for pure comfort with a straight sitting position, a very lightweight of only 14.6kg […]

Sturmey Archer 3 speed AW gearhub. How it works.

In today’s video we will be examining the three speed gearhub. specifically the Sturmey Archer unit Sturmey Archer three speeds have been in continuous production since 1902 There have been refinements and improvements but the basic design remains unchanged Here, we’ll be looking at planetary gear train basics. We will be examining how the power […]

DS and Neko: City Bike, Trail Bike, Your Bike

Dual Sport and its women’s specific counterpart, Neko, seamlessly transition from refined city bike to adventurous trail ride. They provide riders the versatility and performance to tackle varied terrain like crushed gravel paths, nature trails, and pavement. Both Neko and Dual Sport are built from Trek’s Alpha Gold aluminum, with highly manipulated and shaped tubes […]

XM700+: The Fastest Electric-Enhanced Bike Ever

Here at Trek, we’ve heard all the excuses for why you’re not riding your bike for transportation. Some say it takes too much time to get to work. Others don’t like to get sweaty on their way to work. Some people have things to haul, and they don’t like the unpredictable weather. For all these […]

Buyer’s Guide: Commuter Bikes | Halfords UK

Cycling to work isn’t just the greenest way to travel, but can also be the most cost-efficient. With many bikes in our range being eligible for the cycle to work scheme, and a variety of styles to pick from including the increasingly popular E-Bikes, I’m here to talk you through your options. Does part of […]

Overview of the Wisper 806 Torque folding electric bike

The Wisper 806 talk electric folding bike is the step through design with fully adjustable seat and handlebars which makes this the perfect bike for all riders. It doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, you can ride this bike. The hand welded 6061 alloy frame is tough, durable and top quality. The premium […]

How To: Optimize Your E-Bike Range

I’m normally all over the place with my hands. (singing) I feel like it’s smaller; is that possible? How To: Optimize Your E-Bike Range If you’ve gone for a spin on an e-bike, you already know how much fun they are. E-bikes take all the fun of a traditional bike, and multiply it with a […]