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Track Day Circuit Academia Titi Aur & FunRide

Track Day ATA Calea Victoriei – Bucuresti. Palatul Cantacuzino Casa Memoriala Geroge Enescu Bd. Libertatii – Casa Poporului Academia Titi Aur – Dambovita S1000RR & Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Street-racer bikes and drift van! Baridori at Mobara Twin Circuit

NORiYARō We’re out here today at Mubara Twin-Circuit and as you can hear from over that wall there There’s drifting going on, but this isn’t only a drift event. There’s also bikes here too. drifting **Smexy Sliding Action** **Memes about Running in The 90s** This event is called “BARIDORI” and the word “BARIBARI” is kind […]

EBike Battery Pack || DIY or Buy || Electric Bike Conversion (Part 2)

in the last episode of this video series I showed you how to create your own sensored ESC in order to power an electric bike wheel with low voltages but since the achieved rotation speed was too slow and not many people want to create their own ESC for an E-bike conversion let’s rather switch […]

MIPS: A New Level of Protection

Despite ever-increasing knowledge about head injuries, safety standards for bicycle helmets have remained largely the same. In spite of this, Bontrager strives to achieve a higher standard in safety. And in that pursuit, offer select Bontrager helmets with MIPS. MIPS is a patented technology that adds a low friction layer between the head and the […]