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Our First Bikes: Where Did It Begin? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 75

– Welcome to the GCN tech show. This week we’ve got information on new bikes. We’ve got environmentally sound products plus some new shoes. – And then we talk about our first ever bikes. – Oh, looking forward to this one. (energetic electronic music) (metallic swiping) – Right this week then we’re celebrating first bikes […]

How To Survive An Epic Climb | Tips To Master Killer Climbs

(logo swooshing) – If you ever ride in the mountains, then at some point you will have been defeated by a climb. And sometimes that can leave you with a real fear of that climb. – Let’s call these the killer climbs. But often they’re not even the hardest climbs you ride. – No, it […]

Get More From Your Gravel Bike | Upgrades For Your Ride

– We’ve covered how to choose your gravel bike. We’ve even covered some of the trickier choices, like should you run one-by or two-by? But what about upgrading your bike? In the last of this series, with Shimano’s GRX groupset we’re going to be looking at doing exactly that. Oh, and if you’re a traditionalist, […]

10 Pro Bike Setup Hacks | How To Make Your Bike More Pro

(logo swooshing) – A couple of weeks ago I got to give you a close look at my presenter bike. And in the time that I’ve owned the bike, I’ve made quite a few subtle changes to it so that it really suits me and my riding style. If you’ve ever wondered what pro setup […]

How To Train With A Power Meter | Cycle Faster With Power

– Maybe you’ve just bought yourself a power meter or you’ve got access to one, and you want to know how to get the best out of it. – So coming up, our top tips to training with a power meter. (upbeat music) – First things first then, after you’ve got your new power meter […]

What Does MIPS Do? | Cycling Helmets, Concussion & Brain Injuries

(intense music) – A concussion are always a shaking of your brain tissue inside the skull bone. But it doesn’t say where you have hurt yourself in most of the cases. – If you’ve purchased or looked at buying a new helmet over recent years there’s a chance you would have seen something called MIPS. […]

Bike Light Set Up Hacks | How To Mount Bicycle Lights

(hypnotic house music) – Since I first appeared on one of these bikes back in the summer with a Topeak light mounted underneath my Wahoo, I have received more messages than I could have possibly replied to asking what light it was and how exactly I’d attached it. Well, today I finally have time to […]

7 Weird Habits And Superstitions Of Professional Cyclists

– I’m not a huge fan of superstition myself. The idea that all of your hard work, dedication, and talent could be undone by forgetting one simple task or not even carrying a lucky charm just seems preposterous to me. – Yeah, but some people love them, Chris. So coming up are the weirdest superstitions […]