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hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video you guys ask me so much about what parts I ride how my bike is set up. which wheels, what kind of chain is this, tyre…..?! so on that it thought its time to do a bike check the red dirt jump Ferrari, rose the […]

The Fabiolous Escape 2 Machine – Bike Check Fabio Wibmer

Hey guys it’s me Fabio as you can see I’m finally making a bike check of my Fabiolous Escape 2 bike My collarbone is getting better after almost 6 weeks I can finally ride again and it should not take too long to be 100% fit again A lot of you guys asked me for […]

The Urban Freeride Machine – Bike Check Fabio Wibmer 2017

Hey guys it’s me, Fabio and today I’ll talk a little bit about my urban freeride machine about the bike which I used in my urban freeride video in Salzburg and Vienna about my Specialized Stumpjumper A lot of people asked me to talk about the bike whi parts I’m riding which tire pressure whatever […]