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Top 7 Bike Maintenance Hacks | Cycling Tips For Triathletes

– Triathlon requires a lot of care and with that it means a lot of maintenance and that’s before we even start on ourselves. But over the years I’ve learned a number of ways to make that maintenance just a little bit quicker, easier, and sometimes cheaper. So here are my top seven maintenance hacks. […]

How Hard Can You Ride A Hardtail E-Bike?

– There’s a lot of love out there for full suspension e-bike on the trails. But the hardtail has also got a lot of love too. These things are super versatile. People might think that you need loads of suspension out there to do big things out there on the trails, big drops and jumps […]

E Bike Vs Car: The Commute Challenge | Which Is Best For Getting To Work?

– It’s no secret that I love commuting into work via my E-Mountain Bike. Makes me arrive at the office feeling revitalized, energized for the day ahead. Sometimes though, I do have to drive a car and I swear, it takes longer, it’s more stressful trying to find parking, things like that. It’s not a […]

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Mountain Bike? | Ask GMBN Tech

(dramatic music) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. This is our 30th show so this is great. It’s a weekly show where you guys get to send in your questions about technical related mountain bike stuff. And hopefully, we can give you a decent answer so you learn some understanding of bikes. To get your […]