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Blake Samson Vs Sam Pilgrim | The Battle Of The Cheap Mountain Bikes

(upbeat music) – Oh! – Oh! – Oh! Oh! – Oh my God! (crash) – Welcome back you beautiful people. I’m out here with the king of free bike challenge, and I brought my free bike. – Whoa, whoa. That ain’t free. You have to pay for yours. Mine’s fully free. – Oh yeah. – […]

Walmart Bike Torture Test – Street Trials

In the last video, we took our Walmart Mongoose to the mountain bike trails, and verified that it would hold up to the short term needs of a beginner riding novice trails. I say short term because the hubs on this bike are wearing at an alarming pace. The headset is awful too, and by […]

Top 10 Money Saving Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

Mountain biking can be expensive, but these are our top ten money saving maintenance tips. Keep your bike clean. If you roll in straight into the garage after a wet ride with only a token gesture of a bit of WD-40, then you’ll probably find plenty of seized and stiff bearings the following weekend. A […]


hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video from Walmart San Diego the last time I have been to California I went to Walmart with Marc and sam pilgrim and we tested a beach cruiser to its fullest lets take a look now we are back at Walmart and I have asked you […]

The Best Money Saving Hacks For MTB Maintenance: Part 2

– Back again with a whole number of hacks and bodges that are pretty cheap to do and a whole number of top tips that are gonna save you money. (mellow music) Goggles and mountain biking, go together like tea and biscuits. But what happens when your lenses get scratched? You throw ’em in the […]

Raleigh Tokul 3 Torture Test at Highland Mountain Bike Park

In this video we’re going to be taking the Raleigh Tokul three putting it through a torture test to see if it’s worth your hard-earned money. We’re looking for a bike that can handle a little bit of everything, from regular trail rides to the abuse you might put it through when you go to […]

Cheap Mountain Bikes | GMBN Presenter Challenge

– Right, today is the cheap bike challenge. We’ve all been given a hundred pounds each to go away and buy a cheap mountain bike, and today we’re going to put them to the test. (pounding music) – Oh my God. I nearly hit a tree! (pounding music) – Come on Toby. (laughing) – Oh […]

Are Walmart mountain bikes safe?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about department store bikes. These bikes are readily available at places like Walmart for as little as $100. Can a bike that cheap really be ridden on the trails? Is it fine for a beginner? What about bunnyhops, manuals, and other techniques? How much of that can one […]