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The Taiwan KOM Challenge | The Hardest Climb In The World?

[Heavy Breathing] [Adventurous Music] – [Simon] I swear that’s further. It’s like the longest half K ever. (dramatic music) – [] We first heard about the Taiwan KOM Challenge in 2015. It’s a 100 kilometre long race almost entirely uphill. At the time, in fact, we wondered in the GCN show if it was actually […]

Lifted Car vs Truck Off-Road Challenge!

(vehicle engines rev) (intense intro music) – All right guys, now that we got this Grand Marquis lifted, and we got the first rendition of the Silverado done, we’re gonna put them up head to head against each other and see how well this Grand Marquis can do off road against a truck. We’re gonna […]

How Good Can These Kids Be? | Dirt Shed Show Ep.144

(Blake makes noises) – Is that recording? Welcome to the Dirt Shed Show, where I’ve lost a Neil but I’ve got these boys back. What have ya got with ya? – We’re gonna check out loads of cool kids’ mountain bikes. – Cool, and I’ve got some interesting poll results from last week’s. – Oh, […]

Anything My Sister Can CARRY, I’ll BUY It Challenge! | Emily and Evelyn

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, and today we’re going to be doing the Whatever you can carry I’ll buy Challenge part two. So, this time I’m going to be carrying the stuff and Evelyn’s going to be spending all her allowance on me. – Well actually Emily, you are gonna drop everything! – No I […]


Whats up guys! New Video! We just drove to Walmart! Sam and Lukas are here as well! Thanh behind the lens! We are going to buy the cheapest trash bikes we can find at walmart Gonna ride them till they break and see who’s bike lasts longest! lets check the bikes out! lets go! who’s […]