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Road Bike Maintenance : How to Measure your Bicycle Seat Height

So, when we are fitting up our road bike to make sure that it’s comfortable, and a fairly safe fit, a good baseline is: wear your cycling shorts, wear some cycling shoes, and then what you want to do is, you want to get on the bike, leaning up against something like a wall, and […]

CT-4.3 Master Chain Tool with Peening Anvil

is a powerful and precise tool designed to quickly and accurately remove and install chain rivets. The CT-4.3 works on all derailleur chains and is specially designed for the tight tolerances and narrow profiles of modern 10 and 11 speed chains. The integrated link pocket ensures precise alignment and it includes a removable anvil to […]

Road Bike Maintenance : How to Ride a Road Bike

Even if you’ve worked long and hard to perfect the way your mountain bike fits, you’re not going to be able to instantly get on a road bike and feel comfortable, or be able to set it up exactly the same. The reason you can’t set up a road bike exactly the same, is because […]

Road Bike Maintenance : How to Make Shift Adjustments to a Road Bike

We also want to make sure that the height of our derailer when we are shifting to the smallest chambering is we have clearance to shift up and down, nothing hits. We are parallel with the chambering; we can see that if we look from the front we are parallel. Then to make sure that […]

Road Bike Maintenance : Learn Regular Maintenance for Road Bikes

Things that you want to do, as needed, are replace the housing for your brakes and your shifting when they got worn, gunked up, or corroded. You can see here on my rear derailleur — it’s probably time to replace this housing. It’s all cracked, and rusty, and nasty. And that’s been in there for […]

Road Bike Maintenance : How to Inflate your Road Bike Tires

Because proportionately the tires are so much smaller on road bikes, a few PSI of pressure is a lot more important. So, 99% of all road bikes, use the Presta-style valve, which you may or may not have on your mountain mike. But, as a general rule, the way they work is you unscrew that […]

Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs : How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike

Hi my name is Evan from Gregg’s Cycles and today we are going to show you how to wrap some handlebars. The one thing to remember with road handlebars is that when you are holding them in the drops your hands will always kind of curve to the outside and then the same thing again […]

Road Bike Maintenance : Learn Road Bike Gearing Tips

Like we want on a mountain bike, we have a choice of several different size ranges for both our smallest cog and largest cog on a road bike. If you’re used to mountain biking, you probably want to go with one of the larger available sizes. In this specific case, for the Shimano nine speed, […]