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The Most Aero Bike Ever? | Aerodynamic Cycling Tech From Eurobike 2019

(electronic whooshing) – I’m still at Eurobike and myself and Jon are on the lookout for the most aerodynamic tech that there is at this year’s show, and before we show you all the amazing stuff that we’ve found, make sure you subscribe to GCN Tech and click the bell icon so that you get […]

Weird & Wonderful Triathlon Pro Bike Tech From The ITU Grand Final

– I’m here at rather wet and windy. ITU Grand Final in Rotterdam. And behind me I have the Elite bikes. Ready to go into T1. So, I’m going to have a walk around and see if there’s any weird and wonderful tech. (upbeat music) (computer loading noises) I’m beside Richard Murray’s new, Specialised Tarmac […]

Selling body parts to buy expensive bike parts. Is it worth it?

(techno music) – Hey, what’s up guys. Today we’re going to try and find the most expensive bike possible. We’re gonna try and build up the most expensive bike possible from component parts. We’re gonna look for parts that are actually out there, in production, not super limited edition, diamond encrusted, gold parts that don’t […]

Peter Sagan’s Custom Specialized S-Works Venge Disc | Tour de France 2018

(upbeat music) – This is the brand new Specialized S-Works Venge. Belonging to a man who needs little to no introduction, Mr Peter Sagan, of Bora Hansgrohe. (upbeat music) Lets start with the frame then shall we? Well Sagan, he’s opted for a size 56 centimeter. Now he stands at one meter 84, which is […]

Bike Tech Extravaganza | Eurobike 2017

– We are squeezing in as much as we possibly can for you guys here at Eurobike this year, coming out with a whole host of new tech which we’ve found in the last couple of days. Couple of updates to some of the tools over at Park Tools, including this, which stands out, deliberately […]