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How To Dress Like a Pro Cyclist – What To Wear On your Bike

Here are some simple tips on what to wear to get the most out of your cycling. Dress for where you’re going, not just for where you’re starting from. If you’re riding up a mountain, bear in mind that the weather could be much colder higher up, or if it’s going to be 30 degrees […]

11 Pro Cycling Team Kits You Should Know For 2017

– [Narrator] The New Year is a wonderful time for cycling fans. January the 1st is the time that the pro teams and riders can start showing off their bling new kit. While some teams shy away from making too many changes, we’ve also got plenty of brand new teams to cast our sartorial eye […]

The Best New & Custom Tech Of The Tour de France 2019

– As I record this, we are on the eve of the Tour de France which is of course the biggest bike race in the world. And as such, for the last few days, myself and Oli have been going geering the teams in search of the best, the newest and the most custom tech. […]

Top 10 Things The UCI Have Banned

– [Host] Here are our top ten weirdest, coolest, or best things that the UCI have banned. Spinergy wheels. Any self-respecting pro in the mid-90s rode cyclocross, or even mountain bikers, had to have a set of Spinergy wheels. Admittedly, they were flex-y, heavy, and the eight carbon blades that made up the spokes were […]

Will Carbon Bikes Become Cheaper Than Aluminium? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 108

(energetic music) – Welcome to the 108th “GCN Tech Show.” – This week, we’ve got new lightweight clothing, new tubeless tires, the bike vault, your upgrades, and potentially carbon-fiber bikes that are going to be cheaper than aluminum. – Oh, it’s going to be a good one! – It is, let’s do it. – This […]