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The New 2018 Trek 1120 Bike!

Hey everyone this is Cindy with Razor-Sharp Productions and just going to show you quick video of our new bikes. This is the Trek 1120 and then back there is the Trek Power Fly 5, so stay tuned and I’m going to have Lance from Bearded Monkey (Cycling) do an intro and a quick info […]

Review: Benno Boost E 10D Bosch Electric Cargo Bike

– [Brett] Hi. I’m Brett with The New Wheel. We are the Bay Area’s electric bike shop. I am with the Benno Boost. This is a brand-new bike from a brand-new company. So I’m excited to tell you about what makes it unique, a little bit about the background and how it came about, and […]

Riese & Muller Electric Bikes – Made For You in Germany

The unique thing about all Riese & Müller bikes is that they’re made for you in Germany. What this means is that we will work with you to customize a bike to do what you’d like it to do, to be what you’d like it to be. And then, we will place your order and […]

Episode 3 – A Cargo Bike Skiing Mission

Yuba: What a bike can do … As it was winter, I applied this “all-on-bike” philosophy to my passion for ski touring. Mission “Ski touring [1]” Profile:60 km A-R / elevation gain=1000 m cycling, 500 m skiing Load / useful volume:skis, poles, shoes, avalanche safety equipment, audiovisual equipment, provisions, water … about 22 kilos At […]

Folding cargo e-bike as an urban vehicle? | Tern GSD S00 | Bike review

Hey guys. What’s up? So you like electric bikes, right? Yeah me too. You like cargo bikes? Yeah of course. They’re the best thing ever. Do you like folding bikes? Folding bikes are pretty cool. What if all of that — electric, folding, cargo — was all in one bike? Yes, an electric folding cargo […]

Review: Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Kit

Hi I’m Brett from The New Wheel in San Francisco. Today I’d like to talk to you about Bionx. Bionx is a conversion kit that you can add to your existing bike. to make it electric. It’s the only conversion kit that we sell here at the shop because it’s really the most reliable and […]

What is an electric bike?

What is an electric bicycle? It is a tool to be learned and cared for, a gym membership, and 360 degree views. It’s doing more with less and living better for it. It’s familiar. It’s human scale. It’s good health for us, our cities, and our planet. It’s a sunroof, a moonroof, and a convertible. […]

The Hottest 2020 E-Bikes At Eurobike | Eurobike 2019 Part 2

– Day two at Eurobike and today’s all about the bikes. We got everything from 120mm travel up to 160, and up to those big Talon bikes at 200mm travel. But it’s not just about the travel, it’s about the motors. We’ve got everything from the German brands, across the Far East, we got Japanese […]

Review: Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E Electric Bike

Hey, I’m Karen at The New Wheel, and I am here with the Xtracycle Edgerunner 10E. It’s the new electric bike from Xtracycle. Now Xtracycle’s right across the Bay, we work very closely with them and have really enjoyed the partnership. We’ve always believed that the way to get families out of cars and onto […]