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Pikes Peak, Bonneville, World Time Attack Are Real Racing – /SHAKEDOWN

This weekend, I had another auto racing epiphany after watching NASCAR at Watkins Glen, after reading about DeltaWing– it wanted to be the spec car for the Indy light series, completely ignoring the logic of how that would be nonproductive as a training ground for talent for the big Indy cars with a completely different […]

What’s faster? A bicycle or a car in Indian traffic

All those of you who are already living in Hyderabad, probably already know how bad the traffic here can be. So I thought it would be a genius idea for me to race my friend. I’d be on a bike, and he’d be in a car. I just wanted to find out who’d be quicker. […]

Rock Climber Lives in a SUV in order to Travel Solo and Eats for Free

Oh yeah so, here’s a bunch of baked goods. There’s nothing I won’t eat, unless my body responds to it like the smell. It’s amazing how much we’ve like stepped away from our natural instincts. I think at the end of the day we’re animals. We have instincts. We can tell through sight and smell […]