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High End EMTB Vs Mid Drive Home Build E Bike | EMBN Head To Head

– Electric mountain bikes cost a lot of money. And it kind of got us thinking, could you get a similar experience from a DIY bike as you can from a pre-manufactured super bike like this? – Does the home built take you to the same places the more sophisticated bike will? Does it give […]

Cannondale Factory Racing: The 2020 Season Begins

Landed Hey mate You’re looking in shape. Now, let’s get some food. Yeah, I need some. Here we go! *radio crackles* Yeah go ahead. [through radio] We are starting the test run now. Your 45 seconds want to look like a World Cup start. Max in five… four… three… two… one… go! If I come […]

Bike Shorts: What’s an Echelon?

The next fun thing to understand is a little bit more of an advance concept of drafting than we just talked about, and it is called an echelon. So an echelon, is when you have a really strong crosswind. When you have a really strong crosswind, the draft isn’t directly behind the rider in front […]

Pro Cycling Time Trial Tech | Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

– It is individual time trial day at the Abu Dhabi Tour, so we thought we would go into the pit and find some of the new tech and what the riders get up to before they start this individual test. (beeping) (light rock music) EF, Education First, are the only team here to be […]

Cannondale Bad Boy Ride Across London + North Face Etip Gloves Review

ok ladies and gentlemen welcome to London this video is going to be a little bit different I’am not really sure how it’s going to end but it’s going to involve gloves mountain bikes and a seemingly dodgy eBay deal and maybe hopefully a bike ride across East London so first up gloves I’m a […]

Camp EF: Biking the Mountains, Gravel, and Roads of Arkansas

the team’s alternative camp was real eye-opener for me it’s kind of giving a breath of fresh air to my career the vibe o camp was a pretty free relax just hanging out riding mountain bikes shred our sport could learn a lot from mountain biking and gravel racing and just all sorts of bike […]

NEW Custom And Modified Racing Tech At The Abu Dhabi Tour 2018

– Hot on the heels of Jon’s report from the Dubai Tour, I’m going to do exactly the same thing here in Abu Dhabi. New custom and slightly modified tech. The biggest news by a long way is that Cannondale have got a brand new bike here. It’s an aero model with disc brakes but […]

Stigcykling/mountainbike, vad är det? | Reportage #7

Hi! You are not allowed to ride a bike here. Yes, you are. Come here and I will tell you more. Hello everyone, We are in a forest in Nacka and we will talk to Olle from Stockholms Stigcyklister about Stigcykling (mountain biking). Thank you for coming out in the woods to talk about your […]

More Great Tech From The 2020 Santos Tour Down Under

– I’ve had a good look around in the Pros Bikes already here at the Santos Tour Down Under But I think I should go back inside the mechanics’ tent, see if they unearth anything else which so far I haven’t been able to see. So come on, join me for this! (Upbeat techno music) […]