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Learning with Locals: 2020 Campus of the Year

The great thing about biking on Prince Edward Island is that there is a variety of scenery, and terrain. Whether you want to go for a quiet bike ride on a nice level stretch of land, or whether you want to go through some rolling hillside with fishing villages, and along the red cliffs. It’s […]

How we’re keeping transit clean

So we’ve been in contact with regional health authorities and also other transit agencies to determine best practice and ensure that we’re keeping our system as clean as possible. On SkyTrain, every SkyTrain car is being cleaned overnight. It’s a really thorough clean. It involves a wipe down. Both surfaces, sills, seats, windows, ceilings, a […]

Paul Couderc – A Race Against Time

This is my first year as a slopestyle professional which means I’m doing this 100% right now A month before Crankworx Whistler I went to an FMB Gold competition in Austria it’s called Glemmride And suddenly during training I wanted to do a whip flip on a step down I went way too long. So, […]

Hard Water | Sliding on Thin Ice

(calm music) – It all started in Edmonton. It gets really icy here. I’ll never forget, I was on my way home from work and I saw the sliding down the street. I’d never seen anything like that before. It was like the ice was meant to be there. That’s when I was introduced to […]

My First Time Biking to Work

(intense music) – Let’s go save the world. ♪ Turn it up ♪ (trap music playing) (gentle music) – I am so proud of you. You are so sexy when you’re eco-friendly. (chuckles) – Baby, you can say goodbye to fossil fuels and hello to… Disposable income (heavy breathing) – Good luck! – Hashtag one […]

Nova Scotia Bike Tour Video | Backroads

(upbeat music) – [Female Voice] Nova Scotia is relaxation and peacefulness. – There weren’t very many cars, it was just orchards and green and ocean. – [Male Voice] You get amazing coastal riding through these kind of little fishing villages and you also get the interior farmland, and of course, riding along the Bay of […]

Mountain Biking in the North Pole

(upbeat music) – [Darren] A lot of people’s reactions when we told them that we were going to go basically to the North Pole to ride mountain bikes were, are you bringing ice tires? ‘Cause most people think, in the North Pole, they’re like, it’s going to be cold and full of snow. They don’t […]

Ford Northern Expedition Part 2

This is Northern Expedition, part 2. He’s gonna open it with his phone, isn’t he the ****. Got my own app. There’s no way he can beat my score. Oh, I got another. Oh, there’s one over here too. This is Pre Collision Assist! Well, Wendel. 3, 2, 1, give’r. We’re going. Oh, I’ll put […]