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hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new episode we are in a huge Canadian forrest right now at the Roberts creek DJ spot you might know from Paul Genovese’s or Logan peats videos standing on the step down feature as you might see its raining quite a bit, the jumps are wet, the […]

9 More Must Do’s Vancouver Island, BC (Near Victoria)

don’t you just want to get away from it all when you travel on Vancouver Island you can not only get away but you get lost in this beauty and wonder welcome to our 9 must do’s on Vancouver Island in this video we’re going to show you nine activities to do in and around […]

GMBN’s Top 5 Mountain Bike Trails From Around The World

– Welcome to this rundown of our favourite trails in the world. Now this is a really hard thing to do, because a lot of us just really love our local trail, because you get to know every bump, rock, root, and jump there and it makes you run through it in perfect style. But […]

Bikes on Bond 2015 – Street Festival for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Hey how’s it going people BrownBrady here And in this episode Bobcat and I are going to Bikes on Bond Before attending this event I had no idea what this event was about All I saw was a sign on the street That read Bikes on Bond this Saturday But there wasn’t much information about […]

Geoff Kabush’s Yeti SB100 | GMBN Tech Pro Bike Check

– We’re at the BC Bike Race, the home of the gnarly cross-country bike, the down-country bike, whatever you want to call it. This bike’s got a number one plate on the front, this is Geoff Kabush’s Yeti SB100. Geoff was a really successful cross-country world cup racer, of course, and he’s turned his hand […]

Richmond-Adelaide Bike Lane Review

Richmond Street and Adelaide Street are a pair of one-way roads that travel east-west through downtown Toronto from the Don Valley Parkway to Bathurst Street. They are the main east-west route for motor traffic through the financial district, And starting in 2014, they became a main route for bicycles as well. As a pilot project, […]

How I commute by e-bike EVERY DAY! (*10000km DIY e-bike update)

Hi, I’m Ben and 600 days ago, I took my inaugural ride on my E-bike. At the time, I didn’t realize that it would be such a big part of my life – …wait that sounds weird. What I mean to say is that it reignited my love of cycling and made it possible for […]

GMBN’s Travel Guide To Whistler, Canada | A Mountain Bike Scene Check

– Ah, Whistler. Whistler’s tucked in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, situated north of Vancouver, couple hours drive in the car. The closest airport to fly into is Vancouver International. Now Whistler, is a all year round, adventure resort, with world class slopes in the Winter for snow sports, and then when the Summer […]