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Lightweight Wild Camping Gear Waterfly 40L Rucksack Foldable

after them gates hey I want to say thanks to water flight for the 40 litre Rock suck I got governed their Rock suck so I’ll give you a look this is going to be my cat or we’ll camp in spring summer the cat is six a kilograms so lightweight I don’t know if […]

Reviewing a Strange Array of Bike and Outdoor Products

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at some bike and outdoor products. If you’re new here, these videos are for fun. It’s just me showing you a bunch of stuff and telling you what I think of it. So with that, let’s get started. A lot of us prefer riding our bikes […]

Mountain Bike Adventure in the Sydney Blue Mountains

Hey, this is Henry from We Are Explorers and we’re all about microventures. Today we’re on an adventure in the Blue Mountains and we’re heading to a place called Splendour Rock. Come along for the ride. The Blue Mountains are about a 90 minute drive away from Sydney, or a train ride into Katoomba. When […]

The Ultimate MTB Vehicle? Jill Kintner Van Tour | Mountain Bike Van Life

(loud thud) (bike running on dirt) – So this is gonna be a good video. I’m here with Jill Kintner, pro-racer. Five times Queen of Crankworx, you’ve just won everything, the Sea Otter, the Downhill, and Dual Slalom. Ninth time you’ve won Dual Slalom here, so very well done, but actually, what we’re here to […]

Towing a Trailer to Colorado to Ride MTB!

This video was supposed to be about mountain biking, but I only have a limited amount of footage concerning that topic. Over the last few days all I did was drive, and sleep in the back seat while my wife drove. The plan was to attend an expo in Utah called Outbike. Rather than fly […]

Let´s Go to Canada 2.0 | SickSeries#68

I got bread! I have quite a good knowledge of bears Mtb-Cribs Hi Guys, what´s up? It´s is us again with the sick series. This time from beautiful Canada! Exactly, we are in Kamloops Looks sick, we haven´t ridden it yet. We are trying it now. But how did we end up here? Good Day, […]

Winter Mountain Biking Adventure | Blake’s Epic Weekender

So, my brother, Ray and I, decided to pack up the Jeep, hit the road, head over to Snowdonia National Park, which is in Wales, a place that we’ve both never been before. And we thought, hell, let’s go do some camping, let’s do some over-landing. We took our Hardtails and went to explore what […]

Haute Route: Mountain Biking Extreme (Full HD) l VAUDE

The Haute Route is actually a famous ski tour from Chamonix to Zermatt. The idea being to take the highest route possible from A to B. We are going to do this on a mountain bike, from Verbier to Brig. Always staying just below the glaciers. All in all, we are going to climb 10000 […]

Vertriders: Mountain Biking Extreme “Flow” (Full HD) I VAUDE

When things just go along smoothly, when the motion just happens by itself, then that’s what flow is to me. Completely regardless of the difficulty. It can be rough to ride, but when you feel things are going well, that it’s just easy to do, then that’s when it’s “flow” for me. When the section […]

New Dirt Bike Helmet Shopping! FINALLY! (Day 1959) | Clintus.tv

(upbeat music) – [Both] Good morning. – Welcome to Friday. We almost made it through a whole week. Oh, he’s gonna wear this ’cause we don’t really have plans this weekend. So that your plans, huh? – Yep. – [Tiffany] You’re gonna order yourself pizza? – Sure, I got $10, some money extra. Yeah. – […]