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1986 Yamaha XT250 en Subidas (on Hills)

I think i gas flooded the bike… Well i have this bike today and… on purpose i have one exercise in my mind I want to try it… Lets see how it goes… I want to say that i really like this bike Perfect for Off Road, that is the point… Downhill section comes from […]

Would You Pay $3500 For This Bike??? [Super 73 RX]

welcome back guys. I’m really excited to get this YouTube channel up and going again for my current subscribers. Kind of explain a little bit real quick about what you can expect that as channel are going to be doing weekly videos, specifically focused around technology, lifestyle, and videography. Today’s video is about the super […]

[LP021] BAJA Edge of Control – Mini truck – Rallying & hillclimb

Hello everyone and welcome to episode 21 of my BAJA Edge of Control gameplay Today it is time for the rallying & hillclimb for the mini truck class We have 2 rallies and 1 hillclimb race to do on this episode I was kinda slow during the last league Time for some upgrades for my […]

Trail Riding Tips|Dirt Bike Offroad Training Tips

Hey guys welcome to this week’s SOS Enduro riding tip. Today we’re in the back of the woods here really rocky sections we’re going to show you a couple of different drills to get through the rocks, couple up hills couple downhills a little bit of everything that will make it a lot easier for […]


Welcome back in another video! We are still at the Bare ranch, but we are leaving for Woodward, with Ray let’s put those stuff in go! news of the moment, we are going to Zink and not to Woodward but before leaving we must do a very good breakfast Guys America is an insane place, […]

Review: Stromer ST1 T Electric Bike

Hi I’m Brett from The New Wheel. We are a San Francisco electric bike shop. Today I’m with the Stromer ST1 T. This bike is an evolution of the ST1 platform. It’s really Stromer trying to refine and simplify the ST1. It’s a speed bike so it goes up to 28 miles per hour and […]