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How To Fix Cycling Shifting Problems On Road Bike | What Does This Do?

okay i’m in stoney creek Branford Connecticut March 21st it’s a Tuesday afternoon about 57 56 degrees maybe load the cooler down here by the water and I’m heading home this is a first ride of the year kind of first official ride I’d been up for a couple times I’m just kind of doing […]

General Information On Bike Cables

The nipple of the inner wire is held in a lever, or shifter, that the rider uses to pull the cable. The other end is clamped in place on the gear or brake mechanism. Brake cables are slightly fatter than gear cables. Different hand controls use bike cables with differently shaped nipples. The outer-cable for […]

How To Care For Your Shimano Steps E Bike Motor | E MTB Maintenance

– This is what owning a Shimano steps EMTB entails in terms of maintenance. (jazz music) – Today, we’re going to be talking about five different aspects of maintenance. We’ve got the drive unit, the battery, the cycle computer, the switch, and also the cables that are involved here. To add to that, we’re going […]

Top 10 Ways To Take Your Mountain Bike To The Next Level

– [Neil] So here’s our Top 10 ways of really taking your bike to the next level so it’s as cool as a pro bike. Sort out your cables. Cables should be just long enough to give you free movement of the handlebars, but no longer. So I’ve got loads of long cables up front […]

Ask GMBN Tech: Should I Get An Oval Chainring?

(swooshing) – Hi, and welcome back to another Ask GMBN Tech. This is the weekly Q&A show. You send your questions in, and hopefully we get to answer them. Questions you can fire into the email address on the screen there. Use that hashtag #ASKGMBNTECH, and also you can add them in the comments below […]

Essential Spares You Need For Your Mountain Bike

– So once you have your basic toolkit together to start working on your bike at home, it’s a really good idea to accumulate some spare parts in order to make the day-to-day jobs and maintenance stuff on your bike a bit easier. So here are my essentials that you need to start building a […]

How To Prepare Your Bike For Winter | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– Winter is firmly on its way. Now, for most mountain bikers, that means a lot of wet conditions and more importantly, a lot of mud. So both the combination of mud and water together make this horrible grinding paste that can really knacker out your bike. So spending a bit of time preparing your […]

Top 8 Mountain Bike Set Up Hacks

(techno music) – These are some small bike style tips that are going to make a big difference. – Yes, aesthetically pleasing looking ones, and help make life a little bit easier out on the trail. (techno music) – Number one is think about your shifter angle. So, mines attached to my brake lever so […]

10 Mountain Bike Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

– Considering all they go through mountain bikes are pretty tough things, so they don’t need that much maintenance to keep them going. However, there are a whole bunch of basic maintenance errors that people make, so here are ten of the best ones and how to avoid them. (up tempo music) So, number one, […]