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How To Set Up & Index Road Bike Gears | Road Bike Maintenance

– Skipping or badly performing gears are a terrible thing to have. The game of gear roulette when you shift a lever and hoping the chain goes onto the correct sprocket can be a frustrating thing. So let’s solve those gearing problems. (futuristic music) Now in the setup we’re looking at today, it’s operated by […]

How to Use the IR-1 & IR-1.2 Internal Cable Routing Kit

Hello, I’m Calvin Jones with the Park Tool Company. In this video we’re going to use the IR-1 Internal Cable Routing Kit to help route cables on this internally routed frame. Let’s get started. This kit speeds the internal frame routing on carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum bikes. The IR-1 will help route hydraulic brake […]

Fit And Set Up A Bike’s Front Derailleur

Set the front derailleur so that the outer plate of the derailleur cage – the metal plates that the chain passes through – is 2mm above the big chain-ring and lock it half-tight. Work the front derailleur manually to check it won’t touch the chain-rings anywhere in it’s range of movement. In case of inteference […]

How to Replace Brake Cables on a Road Bike | Halfords UK

You know you need to replace your brake cables when they go an orange rusted color or when the brake calipers don’t release fully after the levers are pulled. Before starting you’ll need to make sure you have: a hex key, cable cutters, the correct replacement cable, pliers and end cap and a screwdriver. This […]

How To Fix Cycling Shifting Problems On Road Bike | What Does This Do?

okay i’m in stoney creek Branford Connecticut March 21st it’s a Tuesday afternoon about 57 56 degrees maybe load the cooler down here by the water and I’m heading home this is a first ride of the year kind of first official ride I’d been up for a couple times I’m just kind of doing […]

Downhill Bike or Trail Bike? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

(intense boom) (splash) – Right, welcome to this week’s Ask GMBN and we’ve Chris to help me out this week. All good information, I hope. Got some cool corrections, actually, from last week’s show. Tastemoze actually told me that KMC make gold chains, so I was talking about that last week. Somebody really wanted the […]

General Information On Bike Cables

The nipple of the inner wire is held in a lever, or shifter, that the rider uses to pull the cable. The other end is clamped in place on the gear or brake mechanism. Brake cables are slightly fatter than gear cables. Different hand controls use bike cables with differently shaped nipples. The outer-cable for […]

Mountain Bike Dropper Post Install | GMBN Tech Essentials Ep. 10

– This is the GMBN tech essentials series, which is our easy to follow guide to understanding your bike and learning how to work on it and maintain it yourself at home. In this particular video we’re looking at how to install a cable operated dropper post which is a fantastic upgrade for any mountain […]