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How To Replace Cable Housing Routed Internally Through A Bike Frame

I’m going to show you how to replace an internally routed cable housing. And this is like an old cable housing so this is the one I am gonna go ahead and replace So what I am going to do is take a brake cable …because this is brake cable housing I’m going to insert […]

How to Replace Road Bike Gear Cables | Halfords UK

You need to replace your road bike gear cables if they’re frayed kinked or rusty. Before beginning make sure you have a hex key, cable cutters, the correct replacement cable pliers, an end cap and lubrication. When you start make sure your bike is in the highest gear so the cable has the least amount […]

Set Up A Bike’s Cantilever Wheel Rim Brake

Clean the threads on the inside of the bosses and the matching threads on the cantilever brake bolts. If they’ve been used before, acetone is the best substance to remove old thread-lock glue. Handle acetone with care it’s volatile and flammable. The inside of the bosses need to ‘sticky’. Clean the outsides of the bosses. […]

How To Replace & Fit Gear Cables On A Road Bike Like A Pro | Maintenance Monday

– Changing your gear cables could quite possibly be the best thing that you can do to improve the performance of your shifting. Putting new, good quality cable inners and outers on will improve the accuracy of your shifting. It’s gonna make your shifting action lighter. And particularly, it’s gonna help with troublesome downshifts, so […]

How To Set Up & Index Road Bike Gears | Road Bike Maintenance

– Skipping or badly performing gears are a terrible thing to have. The game of gear roulette when you shift a lever and hoping the chain goes onto the correct sprocket can be a frustrating thing. So let’s solve those gearing problems. (futuristic music) Now in the setup we’re looking at today, it’s operated by […]

How to Use the IR-1 & IR-1.2 Internal Cable Routing Kit

Hello, I’m Calvin Jones with the Park Tool Company. In this video we’re going to use the IR-1 Internal Cable Routing Kit to help route cables on this internally routed frame. Let’s get started. This kit speeds the internal frame routing on carbon fiber, titanium, and aluminum bikes. The IR-1 will help route hydraulic brake […]

Fit And Set Up A Bike’s Front Derailleur

Set the front derailleur so that the outer plate of the derailleur cage – the metal plates that the chain passes through – is 2mm above the big chain-ring and lock it half-tight. Work the front derailleur manually to check it won’t touch the chain-rings anywhere in it’s range of movement. In case of inteference […]