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2 Reasons Why Peloton will Bust

What’s going on guys? This is Coach Kev from Structure Personal Fitness And I think Peloton is the most ridiculous waste of time for two big reasons. First of all after you’ve done your whole thing of using the treadmill and enjoying the community (by the way great job! That’s awesome & That’s the best […]

Companies Don’t Get a Free Ride on Paying Attention to the Planet

How do you pay attention to the planet? I know, it’s a big question, but maybe it starts with your community. In our book, Attention Pays, we talk about how we pay attention in the world, personally, professionally, and globally. Personally it’s about who deserves your attention and being thoughtful. Professionally, it’s about what deserves […]

Welcome to our Peloton!!! – #keynotespeaker #leadershipcoach

– Hey there, it’s Michael. Welcome to my snow globe moment as well as my YouTube Channel. As we start our connection, I have a question for you. When was your last bad day? I’ll give you some time to think about that. For me, it was on July 11th, 2001. That morning I was […]

Orono Maine startup company provides Free Ride-Sharing Service

My name is Spencer Wood. My company is Tip Whip LLC, and I am from Salisbury, New Hampshire. Tip Whip LLC is a free ride-sharing service for college students that operates Thursday through Saturday 9 PM ’til 2 AM. No fees are assigned for rides, but tips are welcome. That way we ensure everybody gets […]