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How to bunny hop a mountain bike for beginners

One of the most useful things you can learn how to do on a mountain bike is bunny hopping. Or, just “hopping” really. Hopping will get you up things, over logs… You can have a lot of fun in the street, and a lot of fun on your commute. The first thing you want to […]

5 Trail Skills To Perfect Your E-Bike Riding

– Today we’re gonna be hitting the trails on E-bikes, looking at quite a few different trail obstacles, different techniques, how to tackle them. Really harnessing that power of that E-bikes. Let’s go! (tires screeching) (upbeat electronic music) So when you’re out on your E-bike ride, something you will find a lot of is river […]


hey guys whats up and welcome to a new video! and today iam teaching you the bunnyhop in only 3 steps some of you guys might know the videos were I explain 10 bike tricks in there I already showed you guys how to do a bunnyhop but only the basics but for like only […]

5 Basic Skills With Leigh Donovan | MTB Skills

– Right I’m here with legendary mountain biker Leigh Donovan in downhill, cross country? – (laughs) Definitely not! Definitely not! (laughing) – Dual slalom and all that goodness, you’re here to help us show us a few things.. In mountain biking. – Yeah, I’m going to do five skills. One, two, three, four, five. That […]

8 Mountain Bike Skills To Adapt For E-Bike Riding

– When you first swing your leg over an E-bike, a lot of people think they’re slow, sluggish, not very responsive, especially if you come across from a lightweight trail mountain bike. But it’s all possible on the E-bike. Today’s video, I’m gonna show you transferring those skills from your trail bike across to your […]

Basics With Blake | Core Mountain Bike Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, today I’m going to bring it down a level all the way down to the basic skills that you need to know on how to ride a mountain bike or any bicycle out there. Now you can learn these tricks anywhere on the flat ground. Now I’m going to […]

How To Lift Your Rear Wheel | Mountain Bike Skills

– This is a really important skill but it’s one that really frustrates a lot of people. But you’re gonna need to take your riding to the very next level. This is how to pick up your back wheel. It’s the hardest but most important part of a bunny hop. It’s key for riding light […]

Mountain Biking Technique: How to Bunny Hop

I’m Kat Sweet, a professional coach, jumper, downhiller, and I live and breathe mountain biking. A good bunny hop gets both your wheels off the ground to get your bike over roots, rocks, and obstacles without slowing down. You can talk about bunny hops in two parts: the front wheel and the back wheel. Getting […]