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How To Bunny Hop An E Mountain Bike | Essential E MTB Skills

– Moving on from the How To Manual video that went out recently, this is how to bunny hop an ebike and why it’s such an essential skill. (upbeat music) It’s important that you nail the manual first, ’cause that’ll make it much easier to do a bunny hop. And this, again, is all about […]

What Can Mountain Bikers Learn From Cyclocross? | CX Skills With GMBN

– Here in Europe, it’s cyclocross season and I’ve been watching tons of amazing racing over on our GCN Racing channel. I really love how the cyclocross racers just get stuck in, even in the most extreme weather conditions. And this exciting discipline is offering you the chance to accelerate your progression as a mountain […]

How To Improve Your Bunny Hop Technique On A Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

(upbeat music) (tractor engine rumbling) – Bunny-hopping is a key skill for riding any trail, downhill or cross country or even jumps. – Mm-hm. Yeah. We’ve done this video before but we want to progress this bunny hop skill into a bit more of an advanced one, to help you get over bigger obstacles on […]

6 Off Road Skills That Will Help You Cycle Faster On The Road

– I am firm believer that if you want to be a good bike rider then you need to be a confident bike rider. Riding all sorts of different bikes, on all sorts of different terrains is one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve your ability to handle anything that you could […]

Bicycle Tricks & Repair : Street Bikes for Beginners

So now we are going to talk about street bikes. Street bikes are designed for just being on the road. They have a really narrow 700 seat tire on them which is a very high pressure tire. They go anywhere from 100 to 120 PSI. They are also really lightweight. This here is a straight […]

6 Common E-Bike Jumping Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

(grunts) – We all know that feeling of flying down your local trail, flowing down it but then you see that jump in front of you so that time when the e-bike when the wheels come of the ground it can be pretty intimidating, specially if you got the wrong techniques. Today’s video we gonna […]

Cyclocross Game Of B.I.K.E With Tom Meeusen

– We’re here today for a Game of Bike with multiple time World Cup winner, but even better than that, probably one of the best bike handlers on the circuit, bar none. Tom Mayusen, welcome to the Game of Bike. – Thank you, thanks for having me. (swish) – [Host] Tom Mayusen is one of […]

Bicycle Tricks & Repair : How to Buy a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

So now I’m going to talk about what to look for and how to buy a full suspension mountain bike. The first thing you are going to want to do is think about what type of riding you are going to be doing whether it is cross country mountain biking, free ride, or downhill mountain […]

How To Bunny Hop Like A Pro

The bunny-hop is an amazing technique no matter what bike you ride. It’s fun, it looks cool and it can keep you safe whilst out on the road. It’s possible to clear big obstacles with this move but we’re going to start with just getting airborne. You can make life easier for bunny hops right […]