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Hi guys I’m Tanguy from Brompton and I’m here with Cycle Surgeryat their store in Holborn in central London to introduce youto the Brompton Electric. So at Bromptonwe’ve been makingfolding bikes for over 40 years, and we’re famous for verycompact very lightweight and high quality bikes, and we’vetransferred that DNA into the Brompton electric.So we’ve […]

Brompton Basket Bag – 2016 Brompton Bags Video Review

Hey folks! This is peter from Bikes and Life. Now we’re here to show you some of the Brompton luggage option starting with the most basic one. The Brompton folding basket. Now this is a new version of the basket it actually comes out and then goes up and the frame is curved on the […]

Six Speed Overview – Brompton Bike Gearing Video Review

Hey folks, this is Peter from bikes and life. Now I’m here with the 6 speed Brompton and show you a little bit more detail about the six-speed particular. so with the 6 speed, you have a 3 speed internal hub and you have the same kind of brand as in the 3speed of the […]

Technical Single Speed Brompton Video Review

hey folks this is Peter from bikes and life. Now we’re here to take a closer look at some technical details of the Brompton single speed. This bike has a 50 tooth chaining in the front and a 12 tooth chaining in the back and that’s giving it a gear inches measurement about 74 gear […]

Three Speed Overview – Brompton Bike Gearing Video Review

hey folks, this is Peter from Bikes and life. now we’re here with the Brompton three speed to show you a little bit more about that three speed gearing. Now as you can see this 3 speed hub is very simple there’s really not a lot sticking out of it, there’s just one gear, the […]


Hi, I’m Bruna and I’m here in Cycle Surgery Bishops Square in Central London. I’m going to talk to you a bit about the Brompton Black Edition. The ones I’ve got here are the Turkish Green and the Raw Smoke Lacquer. Black Edition refers to all the parts, that are usually silver in the bike […]

Single Speed Overview – Brompton Bike Gearing Video Review

hey folks this is Peter from bikes and life. Now we’re here with one of the coolest cleanest simplest Brompton’s that you can get. Thats a single speed, S type with no fenders that S one gear. The reason why someone would get a single speed is because they wanted to look clean and beautiful, […]

Newton’s Brompton Folding Bike Story, Brompton Video

What a beautiful day in the city commuting around on a Brompton! Regular route traveled for me is going from Queens to the city and I’ve been doing it for a while things to the Brompton. I rarely use the subway because it’s healthier and just for fun to be on the back of a […]

Brompton Folding Bike Video Review

Hey folks this is Peter from Bikes & Life. Today I’m excited to show you a bike that I really fell in love with. Back in 2010, at that time I was working in a different shop and the owner was really excited and obsessed with these these Brompton folding bikes and when I first […]

2016 S-Type Overview – Brompton Bike Video Review

hey folks this is Peter from bikes and life and now we’re going to show you the s-type handlebars. S type handle bars folds in exactly the same size as all the other bromptons but because its lower because it’s more close to the ground it sets your body moreover the front of the bicycle, […]