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UWE Bristol cycling – Better by bike

I have always cycled in Bristol I used to drive when uh I lived back in Somerset but I didn’t bring a car bring a car up to Bristol because I knew it was quite a good cycling city. I really love that I see the neighborhood that I wouldn’t see with public transport because […]

Blake vs Chris | GMBN Mountain Bike Jib Off!

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Today we find ourselves in the streets, in Bristol in the UK. We’re out here on two different bikes to have a game of bike. – Yeah, we got one heavyweight bike, 23.5 kilo e-bike, 2.8 tires, it’s a bit of a monster on the street against Blake’s machine. […]

How To Buy A Mountain Bike | Choosing The Right Bike

– Buying a new bike is a really exciting time, but it’s important that you don’t get carried away and you still buy the right bike for you. – Yeah, from the outside, the process can look almost kind of intimidating, it can be quite, seem quite complicated. There’s also applications and sizing to think […]