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Can Gravel Bikes Really Do It All?

– [Simon] The new breed of gravel bikes promise to do it all. But can they really? I mean can they be fast and fun on-road, and fast and fun off-road? It seems like a tall order, but we’re going to try and find out. To do so, SRAM have kindly supplied their new Force […]

Will Riding Too Fast Break MTB Parts? | GMBN Tech

(bell chimes) – This is ask GMBN Tech, our weekly show, where we get to talk about mountain bike tech related stuff. So, if you guys got any questions, or anything you wanna know, fire your questions in to the email address on the screen there, or you can add yours in the comments below […]

7 Mountain Bike Rules That Should Be Broken

(laughing) – [Mountain Biker] Why do they make rules in mountain biking? Just doesn’t make mountain biking fun, does it? Well I’m gonna get these rules. I’m gonna smash them up, and these are my top rules that need to be broken. Let’s go! (music playing) Rules, rules, rules, rules. Yes, they’re there to keep […]

New Pinarello Dogma F12 | Team Ineos’ 2019 Race Bike: First Look

– Team Ineos don’t just have new name they’ve got a new bike too. This is the brand new Pinarello Dogma F12. And it is an absolutely weapon. Look at it. And it’s even the new as of yet, unseen Team Ineos livery with this really smart burgundy fade running up it too. But, if […]

Are Cheap Chinese Carbon Frames Too Good To be True? | Ask GMBN Tech

(sword slicing against metal) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech this is our weekly Q&A session. So if you got any tech related mountain bike questions, fire them into the email address at the bottom of the screen, or you can add those comments in the description below. If you’re emailing us just use the […]

Will Your MTB Tyres Burst On A Plane? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. This is our weekly Q&A show. You get to ask questions related to technical stuff with mountain bikes and hopefully we give you those answers that you need. So if you wanna get involved, email us on the email address on the bottom of the screen there. Make sure […]

Will Crashing Break A Carbon MTB Frame? | Ask GMBN Anything About Mountain Biking

(loud crashing) – We’re here, another Ask GMBN, we’ve got the rat, we’ve got Martyn and myself, we got a bike. – We’ve got everything we need. – We’ve got coffee, we’ve got some questions! – Awesome, we’ve got some statements actually, so Dylan Johnson jumps in and says, we’re talking about racing, how it […]

Super Bike Vs. Mid-Range Bike | What Really Is The Difference?

– A few months back, we pitted a bike that we found on Ebay for 100 pounds against this super bike, a Canyon Aeroad, with Shimano’s top of the range Dura-Ace 9170 groupset. And the results were pretty stark. This one was significantly faster. But what was really surprising was the margin of victory. I […]