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Bicycle Repair : How to Adjust a Bike U-Brake

Hi, this is David back with Expert Village. Next I’m going to show you how to adjust a U Brake. This is very similar to a Cantilever Brake. There’s a cable pulley system and that’s what controls the amount of tension that is applied on the brake. For this operation, you can do this by […]

How Much Faster Can You Stop With Disc Brakes?

– [Dan] Disc brakes really divide opinion amongst cyclists. What you’ll generally find is that people who’ve used them will rave about them, whilst those that haven’t will simply say that they’re unnecessary. Now, what we can say is that, given that we’ve ridden and raced on rim brakes for many years, they’re certainly not […]

The Hottest New Bike Tech From The Taipei Cycle Show 2019

– I’m here at the 2019 Taiepei Bike Show to bring you the hottest new bike tech. This is Asia’s largest bike trade industry show and it’s got over 1,400 exhibitors. It’s massive but to truly appreciate just how big it is, I really have to show you, so check this out, or should I […]

Open A Cantilever Bike Brake

One end of the straddle wire on a cantilever brake is clamped, the other is held by a nipple. Push the cantilever brake arm holding the nipple-end of the straddle wire against the rim. Pull the nipple in the other direction and unhook the cable through the slot. The cantilever brake is now open.

Electrically-Fueled Mountain Bike Mastery | SHIMANO

Dig it in! Left, right, left, right, one, two, one, two. You’re going to need to do more than that… …if you want to beat Martin Maes this season! Giddy up, cowboy. Wyn! Hurry up! Come on, mate. Ha! There he is! A bit late to the party, eh, boys? – Aw, shut up, dude. […]

Bicycle Repair : How to Install a Water Bottle Cage on Your Bike

Hi, this is David back with Expert Village. Next I’m going to demonstrate for you how to install a water bottle cage. You’ve gone to the store, bought a cage, now you need to install it. It’s really simple. All you need is an Allen Wrench. You can pick these up pretty much at any […]

Jesse Melamed – This Is Home | SHIMANO

There’s so many beautiful places in the world with unique things… …but I’d always come home and Whistler is such a beautiful spot. I just like the vastness of the terrain up there. It does make you feel free. You know, I just feel at home. – He plays like he rides. Fast, right? – […]