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Evolution Of Mavic Bike Hubs

– Okay, so if I just hold this wheel up, I’m sure that many of you will be able to observe the fact it’s a Mavic wheel. Mavic, of course, is a name that’s synonymous with cycling. Its iconic black and yellow branding has been everywhere throughout the sport. Now although, these days, Mavic actually […]

Are Softer MTB Tyres Faster? | Ask GMBN Tech

– Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. This is our weekly Q and A show where you ask the questions and we hopefully answer them for you. If you wanna ask some questions, you can add them in the comments below this very video. Use the hashtag #ASKGMBNTECH though, so it just separates your questions from […]

Kryptonite Transit FlexFrame U-Bracket Installation – New

Hi I’m Dan from Kryptonite I’m here today to talk to you about the Transit FlexFrame U-Bracket and how to install it on a bicycle frame. The Bracket can be purchased separately or comes with the New York Standard U-lock, all of the Evolution Series 4 U-locks, all of the Evolution Mini U-locks and all […]

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Mountain Bike? | Ask GMBN Tech

(dramatic music) – Welcome to Ask GMBN Tech. This is our 30th show so this is great. It’s a weekly show where you guys get to send in your questions about technical related mountain bike stuff. And hopefully, we can give you a decent answer so you learn some understanding of bikes. To get your […]

Essential Press Fit Bottom Bracket Maintenance

– This is a bottom bracket maintenance video, in particular we’re lookin’ at press fit bottom brackets because I know it’s something that often gets asked about on Ask GMBN Tech. Now it just so happens that my bike’s not been overly maintained throughout the summer. It’s very dusty and it is actually creaking down […]