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Trek Allant+

Meet Allant+, the e-bike built for riders who want more: more distance, more style and more fun. We designed Allant+ to be a smart solution for commuting and cruising. It’s capable enough to replace your car and fast enough to make every ride a thrill. Bosch’s newest motor assists up to 28 miles per hour, […]

Review: Gazelle T10 Ultimate Electric Bike

– [Karen] Are you a comfort rider, a sporty rider, or do you just like style? Hi, my name is Karen Wiener from The New Wheel, the Bay Area’s electric bike shop. And I am joined today by Amanda to talk about the Gazelle Ultimate T10. Thanks for sitting with me. – [Amanda] Thank you, […]

Jose Writes “What is an electric bike?”

Recently we received some mailings by carrier pigeon from all over the place with interesting questions. Jose from Grand Rapids, Michigan writes, “Dear The New Wheel, can you tell me what is an electric bike?” Jose, thanks for the question. Electric bikes are bicycles like you’ve never experienced them before. It’s a bicycle with an […]

Trek Domane+: A Little More

Jens, see you tomorrow, man. Good night. I’ll see you guys later. Another one? Yeah I’ll have a little more. Sure, I’ll have a little more. How’s the wife? How beautiful is it? Isn’t this the best life ever? Jasper, you need a little push? You ok there? What a lovely day for bike ride! […]

Review: Riese & Muller Charger Bosch Electric Bike

Hi, I’m Brett from The New Wheel Bike Shop. We are the Bay Area’s electric bike shop. Today I’m with the brand-new Riese & Müller Charger. This is Riese & Müller’s hardtail offering. It’s an awesome bike for all sorts of riders. So I’m going to tell you what it can do, who it may […]

Sähköpyöräilijä tulee jutulle [Lyhyitä Klippejä #9]

I had to come and see what that is What? how many kw does that thing have? 15kw it’s quite fast 15kw really? Yeah More power the better is that a stealth bomber? No, this is more powerful than that this has a bigger frame and a bigger battery etc just remember to not get […]