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Downhill Mountain Biking in Colombia – Marcelo Gutiérrez 2013

My name is Marcelo Gutiérrez Villegas, and for me, downhill represents what I have been working and fighting for all my life. It has been my career for around 12 years, for which I have done a lot of sacrifices. It’s all the results and objectives that I’m going for, and all the goals for […]

Street Trial in Prague |BIKE O’CLOCK #1

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first episode of our new project BIKE O’CLOCK! My name is Damjan Siriški I’m Vašek Kolář and I am Ondra Šenk In BIKE O’CLOCK we will regularly bring riding content We will mostly do street trial riding, but also other disciplines so subscribe to our YT channel and follow our […]

Scootering at GIANT Woodward Camp Skatepark!

Bigger bars off Makuta gah get the bars off. I figured you had the biggest bag so you can put yours in there first Okay, sound like gonna throw up. Oh, okay. These one is a huge one Yes, sir. Jerry’s brother Why do we have all this stuff in the car today? Well today […]