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BMXie – Probably the coolest balance bike in the world by CHILLAFISH

If daddy has a cool mountain bike and big sis has a BMX then why does little Toby have to ride this boring looking balance bike? Now that ain’t fair! Say hi to BMXie Are you ready for a ride? Wow there… you really started off quickly! Real inflatable tires give you the perfect grip. […]

The Dam – An Extreme E Bike Climbing Challenge | World’s Steepest Climb

– Here on EMBM, we’ve definitely been pushing the boundaries when it comes to climbing. Things kicked off when we hit the Slab in Bristol. (rock music) Then we headed to North Wales to attempt the Rock. That was a monumental climb. (rock music) We always say, “That’s it”, but we keep coming back for […]


Hi everybody, it’s Aurélien FONTENOY we are close to LYON (FRANCE) to discover a new brand wich built this bikes motorbike or mountainbike ? you will see i don’t say more, we go directly into the factory i will meet the director of this brand wich call LMX Bikes let’s go FOLLOW ME hi Lucas, […]


Hi everyone, welcome to the new BIKE O’Clock episode This time we are keeping our distance and using protecttion We went to this cool trials park Today we will do “The floor is coronavirus challenge” I would like to say something, but I’m affraid you wouldn’t hear what I was saying We will have to […]

spray paint a bike at home with supreme quality DIY

you have clicked on this video because you want to paint the cycle frame DIY with spray cans at home you are right in this video I will paint this carbon frame DIY with spray cans a beginner paint job but with professional quality everybody of you is able to do at home even if […]

Larry Edgar Does the Distance! | Classic Tales | VANS

– My name is Larry Edgar and I ride BMX. (rock music) So one time I rode my BMX bike 30 miles from Corona to Perris for a BMX contest. I had to have been like 16 or 15 cause I couldn’t drive yet and I lived in Corona, and I really wanted to get […]