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Bicycle Tricks & Repair : Street Bikes for Beginners

So now we are going to talk about street bikes. Street bikes are designed for just being on the road. They have a really narrow 700 seat tire on them which is a very high pressure tire. They go anywhere from 100 to 120 PSI. They are also really lightweight. This here is a straight […]


Whats up guys new video! Welcome to the RideVent! we ar going to make 24 bike videos in 24 days! every day before christmas we are still here in Malaga so day 1 from malaga behind the cam is sam pilgrim right now lukas knopf is also here also with us! you can be excited, […]

Bicycle Tricks & Repair : How to Buy a Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

So now I’m going to talk about what to look for and how to buy a full suspension mountain bike. The first thing you are going to want to do is think about what type of riding you are going to be doing whether it is cross country mountain biking, free ride, or downhill mountain […]


whats up guys! new video! its finally time to test the new bike! since the cold time of the year started, we are going to an indoor place but before that, i have a quick recommendation for you i almost always have my phone in my pocket when i ride my bike and thats why […]

Bicycle Tricks & Repair : How to Buy a Hybrid Bike

Now I’m going to talk about How to buy a Hybrid. There’s two different styles of Hybrid’s out, there’s this which is a comfort hybrid, it’s a little bit heavier, it’s got easier gearing, suspension forks, big cushy seat, this is definitely, more for the weekend warier, the person that’s going on bike paths, dirt […]

Bike Check – My freak bikes

Quite a few of my bikes have been relegated to the dungeon. I don’t ride them often. If these bikes were in junior highschool, they’d sit at their own lunch table, with all the other freak bikes. Today we’ll take these bikes for a spin and then talk about what makes them different, starting with […]

Bicycle Tricks & Repair : How to Buy a Mountain Bike

Now, I’m going to show you how to buy a mountain bike. There’s a few things that I recommend that you look for. The biggest thing is you want to have at least twenty-one speeds, a good solid front shock, and the new thing is disc brakes on it. The nice thing about the disc […]