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Tuning Bosch CX Nyon 2016 E-Bike Pedelec

Hello eBike Tuner. Today i will test the Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 29″ 2016. With Bosch Performance CX Motor and Nyon Display. I will test this E-Bike with the BlackPed Tuning Chip. Now i will tell you something about the new system. The motor case is the same but you see the CX letters. The […]

BlackPed: E Bike Tuning Bosch – Installation bei einem Bosch CX Motor

Hello eBike tuner i want to show you how to install the BlackPed module into the Bosch motor. You need 8mm hex driver, 20 torx screwdriver and a crank puller. After removing the case. We have to pull out the connectors of the display and speedsensor. And the rubber stud of the rear light jack. […]