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FIRST TIME Back on the KAYAK since Last SUMMER And…

hey guys so this video is going to be all the random clips and videos that I did not use from the past week or so if I don’t do this all the clips will sit on my laptop for the next month or so and my OS TV will make me hate live so […]

6 of the best MTB Flat Shoes – 2020 | CRC |

If you’re riding flat out but don’t like clipping in, you’ll need some trail-grade MTB flat shoes to keep you anchored to the bike. Flat-soled mountain bike shoes are specially designed for glue-like control no matter how hairy things get. And while they don’t physically snap into your pedals in the same way as a […]

COBI.Bike HOW-TO clips // Mounting the COBI.Bike System (Regular Bikes)

alternatively enclosed: adapter rings 22.2 and 25.4 mm handlebar circumference min. 25,4 and max. 31,8 mm find the ideal angle to be mounted to the left or right next to the handle If the clamp doesn’t fit, use the enclosed flexible controller holder remove the protective sticker. “Click Sound” after snapping into the battery compartment […]

Clog #17 – Haven’t crashed yet…

Slower and gentler Oohh *Beeps horn* Yeah, he went through a yellow too Let’s get going Gonna get highs of 25 Which is definitely summer weather Got overtaken by a rectangle there I think I’m in a peloton I’m the only one not in Lycra They’re going left so I’m going to follow them Right, […]

7 Carpark Skills To Practise On Your Mountain Bike | MTB Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people, some carpark tricks that you can learn on your bike on the flat ground. I’m out here in the woods, there’s no car park but it’s flat, but there is one down there and I have a bunch that you want to learn. (rock music) (chuckling) – Oh my […]


Welcome to a new video, today we are building the new downhill beast! Supported by Norco, Mountainlove and Shimano! Big thx to everyone! The whole saint group, a Fox 49 and Dt Swiss will be my parts of choice. Let’s go! Also Maxxis supports me for this season! Stoked! As you can see, i’m gonna […]

MTB Riding Position Tips w/ Elliott Heap | CRC |

So here we are first how to video and obviously for the conditions that we’re in, i’m in my back garden in Wigan and basically what I’m gonna do over the next few weeks is do a couple of how-to videos on what you guys wanna see. I have my own coaching company Ride MTB […]

How To Fix A Creaking Bottom Bracket Or Cranks

The most common cause of unwanted noises while you ride your bike comes while you pedal, meaning that in all likelihood it comes from the drivetrain down here. We’ll start with the easy bits first, but remember that any time you do anything to the bike, go and ride it afterwards to see whether or […]