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NEW Bikes & Cool Tech From The Giro D’Italia 2017

– It’s the morning of the first stage of the 2017 Giro d’Italia. We’re going to check out some tech here, at the start, and there has also been a bunch of very cool tech in the run up to the race. Let’s go and have a look. (smooth jazz music) Okay, so here’s another […]

Emma’s 6 Core Stability Exercises For Cyclists | Beginner Core Workout

– Why bother with core stability training? Well, because it can help you ride faster and avoid injury. Here are six exercises to get you started in core stability training. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have time, and I do understand, because cycling is already a very time-consuming sport, and if you also […]

The Toughest Race Of 2019? | The Cycling Race News Show

Welcome back to the GCN Racing News Show, this week, we take a look at the route of next year’s Giro d’Italia, which already looks like it’s going to be the toughest race of 2019. We’ve got the European Cyclocross Championships, the Koppenberg Cross, the Saitama exhibition race in Japan, and the stunning new kit […]

8 Performance Enhancing Supplements, Foods & Nutrients For Cyclists

– Most nutritionists recommend a balanced diet for the general population, but intense exercise is likely to increase the demand for certain nutrients. Here, we explain some of the best nutrients, and supplements, that you might wish to consider to help boost your performance. Totally legally, I would like to add. [Music Playing] – Number […]

Miami’s huge bike ride – Critical Mass in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

I’ve lived in South Florida for close to 5 years, and one of the things I love doing is riding Fort Lauderdale Critical Mass. As I explained in another video, Critical Mass is an international phenomenon. Once per month, hundreds or thousands of cyclists meet up at a predetermined location to ride around their city […]

Get More From Your Gravel Bike | Upgrades For Your Ride

– We’ve covered how to choose your gravel bike. We’ve even covered some of the trickier choices, like should you run one-by or two-by? But what about upgrading your bike? In the last of this series, with Shimano’s GRX groupset we’re going to be looking at doing exactly that. Oh, and if you’re a traditionalist, […]