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Revisiting the Glory Days With One of Japan’s Most Violent Biker Gangs

This is Evan, from VICE’s Brooklyn office. Since the 1970s, Japanese biker gangs have had a violent history. Raging war against rival crews and cops. VICE Japan met with some of the most infamous gang members to talk about their glory days and their dying subculture. This is “The Setting Sun.” I don’t care if […]

Bikes, Blues, BBQ 2019 / Dickson Street

welcome to bikes blues and barbeque Dixon Street Dixon Street pub crawls and a strip where everybody rides definitely one of the top places you have to come visit during bikes, blues, barbecue This is the middle of the afternoon, it gets real wild at night The thing I love about coming down to Dickson […]

Nuda reacts to being called an “Electric” bike

Silence simple superb and supremely British reaction to almost almost killing someone Talk about sensationalism, of course, how can they get people to read their newspapers? Blah blah blah blah The biker is weaving through traffic. Weaving?! It’s called filtering The biker and bus driver don’t need words to express their mutual respect. That I […]

Baby Biker: 4-Year-Old Has Insane Motorcycle Skills

COMM: While most 4-year-olds are playing with toy motorbikes, incredibly Tima Kuleshov is already riding them. COMM: And his fastest bike can go an impressive 45 miles an hour. COMM: He started riding a bicycle before he was 2 years old and soon took part in competitions. COMM: Just a few months later, he began […]


Whats up guys new video! Welcome to the RideVent! we ar going to make 24 bike videos in 24 days! every day before christmas we are still here in Malaga so day 1 from malaga behind the cam is sam pilgrim right now lukas knopf is also here also with us! you can be excited, […]