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She Asked To Go For A Ride Today

scooter what are you doing you want to go for a ride? oh yeah ? whew! that is a good day of riding. huh,lover? you got to love it and we did some social distancing didn’t we scooter wow you’re good boy scooter what’s the matter boy what are you doing you want to go […]

2020 Triumph Rocket 3 – Jay Leno’s Garage

one silver not enough for too many don’t like a twin dragon three go ahead motorcycles wrap this up in my garage this morning and I’m waiting for Lance to come by he’s the triumph guy to do the talk you know and I think a lot stake it out for a ride for us […]

How to be safe from Covid-19 for bikers by bikers // SandyVlogs

so here we are again after a long time talking about something because I think we are all gonna die let’s get started okay so I thought I putting together tips you know that would help people to like stop spreading the virus being a biker which I couldn’t find on YouTube so I really […]

How is Triumph Daytona 675?

But today’s video is about this beautiful Motorcycle, that is Daytona That is absolutely butter smooth. In this bike’s comparison there are 2 other bikes. Yamaha R6 and ZX6R If you ask me to pick one among them……. Triumph a legendary brand Triumph made their first motorcycle in year 1902 and they are one of […]

The American Flag Debate / Rare Find In Dallas

when I tell you she tore me apart chewed me up and spit me out and y’all welcome to the video today just hang in here with my boy Willy in Dallas Texas here it’s a special day today it’s Ashley’s birthday and I just want to take you all along and show you what […]

Mustang Bike Tour

Our Jomsom to Muktinath bike ride starts now. Are you OK and Im the third person We are riding in Mustang road on the way to Muktinath Road is really good We found very good black topped road up here which is even better than Kathmandu roads. clean, black topped road. Where is our other […]

This Is NOT What I Expected / Learning How To Ride

she’s not in her desk . oh there she is! Cheryl what are you doing? I got the mini bike down here I see that now remember clutch in a little bit of gas find a sweet spot and let it roll let’s go find Cheryl we’re going to surprise miss Cheryl with a little […]

REVIEW Triumph Scrambler XE 1200 FIRST RIDE

Smile -Maker rides again! I said to the guy at the dealership, what would you recommend as a tourer in your retro range and this is the one he recommended and I was like…’Really?” it certainly doesn’t LOOK like a tourer… but if you’re touring meaning you want to go everywhere on-road, off-road,riding on the […]


that didn’t just happen! 2 million tons of electronic waste every year whats up guys! new video! finally back on my mountain bike! hopefully! im still a little injured but it should work, i don’t necsaaarily wanna ride dirt jump already and do sick tricks where i twist my bike around but enduro and dh […]