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Kinkomaa Water Ice MTB 2020 / NITW

Sausage Karjalanpiirakka Snack See what kind of path is available here Today That is Icy or Better push It’s just frozen Must go along the right edge, probably Go ahead This is the way to go Can’t climb up Too soft rear Sinks “I couldn’t sit at all could not” I took the pressure off […]

Bikepark Winterberg: Freeride Track RAW 2017 – TrailTouch

Whats up here wo go with one RAW Run on the Freeride Track in Winterberg despite you guys likes this format with the RAW Runs I thought, today I will do one, where I ride the freeride track completely many of you, who are knowing me, ask theirself how the f*ck do you want to […]


that didn’t just happen! 2 million tons of electronic waste every year whats up guys! new video! finally back on my mountain bike! hopefully! im still a little injured but it should work, i don’t necsaaarily wanna ride dirt jump already and do sick tricks where i twist my bike around but enduro and dh […]

WINTER HOMETRAILS & BATIK SHIRTS ❄️ | Downhill Randoms #25.

How is your motivation?… meh, not existent. Alex: From a time/earning perspective… it’s total bullshite. It’s 2.17am, we spent 7+ hours to make those shirts now. In pink. As many of you liked it! My fingers are totally fuc*ed up by now. The link to the shirts is in the description. Hope you like! I […]

Mountain Biking Down Under! | Blake’s Australia Vlog

(metal crunching) (upbeat electronic music) – [Flight Attendant] This way please. – We are currently on the other side of the planet from where our country is. We’re in Australia, dude. Whoa. Where’s the kangaroos at? There. (door opening) Ooh. Time to ride. Got water, obviously going to need that, ’cause it’s going to be […]

I Can Do Anything On An E-Bike | 15 Questions With Steve Geall

(eletronics chirp) – So we’ve seen a lot of people switch across to e-bikes recently, a few people catch my eyes with their Instagrams, social stuff. This is one guy I really wanted to get to know a bit better. This is Steve Geall, he’s probably one of the most stylish guys to ever swing […]

GAME of BIKE – LA POMA SKATEPARK *english subtitles*

Yo guys, it’s time for riding dirtscooter! MOOOLGA we’re going to have a huge session on the dirtscooters…, short but nice they don’t have them here anymore because they destroy the tables. So we will play a game of bike in the skatepark instead Yo! Check this out. Here’s pineapple growing in the ground Ok, […]

I Only Have One Bike | MTB Problems Solved With GMBN

– Do you only have one bike? Are you jealous of all those lucky people out there who seem to have it all? Well, this is a problem, and I’m here to make sure you can put that one perfect steed to good use. Capitalizing on every opportunity to ride it, and a few tips […]

Riding Whistler’s Unreal ‘Dark Crystal’ Trail | GMBN Epic Rides

– Oh my Gosh! First lift, single line. Obviously, cause I have no mates. Oh well! This should be fun day. I can’t wait! There’s a new A line bit, They ‘ve been fixing everything. Ooooh! Nice! Ticket-time! (denied ticket sound) What? Ticket inva… Oi, what’s going on? – Oi, you there! You’ve tried ten […]