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How To Remove Rounded Bolts | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Welcome to this week’s Ask GCN Anything mechanical special edition, where we answer questions that you’ve sent in. I’m gonna waste no time. I’m gonna get straight to it. First up is a question from Jim Watkinson. Grease or copper slip on threads or seatposts? Wow, great question Jim. It totally depends on the […]

The 5 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry

cleaning bikes can be a real pain but I hate riding dirty black actually hate it so that’s come up with a way of keeping my bikes clean that didn’t take ages and wasn’t a faff here’s my five minute by cleaning routine that I can do immediately after every ride especially in the wet […]

How Do You Keep Your Bike’s Chain & Cassette Rust Free? | GCN Tech Clinic

(dramatic whooshing noises) – Welcome back to another episode of the GCN Tech Clinic. (quiet calming background music) If you’ve got yourself a bike related problem, no matter what it is, make sure you leave it down there in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer it in an upcoming episode. Alternatively, […]

How To Build A DIY Bike Wash Station | Blake Builds

(bouncy music) (thump and crackling) – Welcome back, you beautiful people! Today, it’s gonna be your lucky day. I’m gonna show you how to make one of these, a DIY wash station, with brushes and shelf to go with. (laughs) Let’s get started! Okay, before we get started, you’re gonna need a few essential materials […]

DIY Mountain Bike Wash Station

At this point, Berm Creek has everything we need to ride, work, and hang out. But there’s one problem that I still haven’t solved—The mess that is bike washing. Granted, this isn’t a big problem. But I wash enough bikes where it makes sense to craft a permanent solution—one that doesn’t involve getting mud on […]

The 30 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your BIke

Okay, so let’s look at doing a really thorough bike wash. It’s something I do after a really dirty ride or before a proper service of the bike. I’m going to start taking the wheels off and things like that. Start off hosing it off, just try and get the worst of that mud off. […]

Should You Jet Wash Your Bike? | Maintenance Monday

– The jetwash, an amazing and fast way to get stuff clean, stuff that includes your bike. Question is though, should you actually jetwash it? Well, we’re gonna find out, ready? (dramatic music) (maniacal laughter) People that say don’t jetwash your bike will tell you that one quick blast from a high-pressure hose will completely […]

6 Retro Bike Cleaning Hacks: Do They Really Work?!

(upbeat music) – There are many amazing products out there that make bike cleaning easier. But was there anything wrong with the way that we used to have to clean bikes before specific cleaners existed? Well, let’s find out, shall we? Old-school bike cleaning hacks, do they work? We go on about degreasers cleaning your […]