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Rebuilding my garage workshop for woodworking and tinkering

It’s time for one last effort. One final attempt to nail this 540 before we tear these freaking ramps out of the garage. You can call me a quitter, this is not how I’m going down. There are just too many way to get hurt on Berm Peak to spend another moment on this. So […]

Turning a dead oak tree into a mountain bike jump with a cheap mill

Way back in the summer we cleared this dead tree to build woodpecker trail. Who knows how long the actual tree was laying there, but the timber we cut from it certainly was solid, and strangely full of perfectly usable wood. Well as it turns out, Berm Peak is a goldmine of white oak, which […]

How to MTB in the street

After two weeks of rainy wheather the mountain bike trails are closed for maintenance when riding the trails isn’t a option you can always find stuff to ride around town this is usually referred to as riding street riding street can be really fun and it forces you to be creative and inventive with your […]

Building a mountain bike jump over my driveway

Last week, we took this muddy, rutted forest road and turned it into a durable gravel road that is now Berm Peak’s grand entrance. But of course, it’s not just a gravel road. We built a few rock bump jumps into the side that end at a small landing. Because the rock jumps can be […]

Mit dem Enduro Bike im Wald – auf FREERIDE MTB Mission

hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video the whole Mtb world looks to Utah in the usa, Red Bull rampage is going down obviously we are not there we are in our local German woods but in an hommage to Utah we are going on a free ride Mtb mission today all […]

Bike crash that took me out of scootering…

Dude are you okay? We’re out here with do you want to know only RG Ryan and I have been riding bikes a lot lately because the fact that I got a new one So every time I want to go ride I have an extra so Ryan can cruise with so he’s been getting […]

Building a Gravel Forest Road with Rock Jumps!

Everything that comes and goes from Berm Peak, be it bikes, supplies, or the Gator was traversing this little patch of lawn next to my driveway. As you can see, it wasn’t a good long term solution. And so BP1 was born…hastily. It’s a short double-track forest road that connects the driveway to the trails […]

Crazy Bike Tricks By The Bicycle Ballerina

The first time I see artistic cycling was at a celebration in my village, close to Berlin and I saw girls doing this stuff on the bike. They did it so together and it was so impressive. They did tricks on the bike they stand on the handlebar. It was so smooth and glorious. It […]

The Bike Park, sponsor lineup, and second YouTube channel

It’s a new year and there are a number of new things going on with this YouTube channel. So today, I’ll bring you up to speed so you know what to expect in 2020. The first thing is a huge, long term project that part of this audience already knows about. That is, a free […]


hey guys what’s up and welcome to the quarry at Audi nines one week of riding the dh bike and the big bike on one of the biggest courses in the world what might poked you eyes first is this insane hip down there its so insanely big, we have to check it out from […]